facial hair

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hair on the face (especially on the face of a man)

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2] will use the time off as an excuse to give up their facial hair grooming all together).
Facial hair remains the defining look for a generation of modern men and, to coincide with World Beard Day yesterday, a three-year project has been launched into the phenomenon.
By looking back, we can understand that the current beard trend is actually just the latest in a long series of facial hair fashions.
He will survey material from images, portraits and satire to personal sources like diaries and letters, razor and shaving advertising and even philosophical texts written about facial hair.
I still claim to have the only publicly-authorized facial hair in New England.
Always try and keep your facial hair clean and avoid getting food and drink in it.
Plastic surgeons say requests for facial hair transplants--once reserved for burn victims and people scarred in accidents-are on the rise.
There are attitudes that do not fit the status of the police, such as long hair, the use of hair gel, the lack of regular shaving of the facial hair, and allowing beards to grow with the expressed approval of superiors and without respecting the length specified by the rules," he said.
A former Test selector, Hughes said that he would like to see the current Australian batch with moustaches, beards, goatees, half-beards and half-shaved heads, adding that the style of sporting facial hair should be brought back to the game.
A report by the Guardian says that men seeking facial hair implants are boosting tourism to Turkey.
Ben Affleck has been talking about the pressures of simultaneously directing and acting in his new film Argo, as well as his children's feelings towards his facial hair.
Should I have started sprouting some facial hair by now?
Nearly six in ten men in the Midlands confess to having a lot of body or facial hair, the most of any area in the UK.
It found that 85% of the 1,000 women asked suffered high levels of anxiety because of their facial hair.