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Working with infant rhesus monkeys, the NIH researchers, the University of Parma in Italy, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, found that oxytocin increased two facial gestures associated with social interactions- one used by the monkeys themselves in certain social situations, the other in imitation of their human caregivers.
Comland's software for facial gesture recognition can now be included in any mobile application (Android, iOS and all other) that strives for a new level of user engagement.
Although he has sung arias from the role for many years, his 2007 performances at the Royal Opera House showed him at the top of his game, seething malice with every note and facial gesture.
And by playing Brick with brooding lassitude for the most part, often relying on a facial gesture to impart his amused rancor, it allows Johnsen room to effectively unleash his emotional torment when it matters.
At a CBC new-music concert in 1997, Alan Horgan noted in The Globe and Mail that Tessier's "clear French was aided by intelligent vocal inflection and subtle facial gesture.
Posture and facial gesture imply a layered interiority, acts of reflection flashing across the surface of troubled depths.
What prevents the epistolary discourse from becoming tiresome and repetitive is how Taylor and McGonigle will use a facial gesture, or a telling hesitation, to impart a reaction to the contents of a letter.
This is what makes Jan morbidly fascinating - every hostile nuance, smirk or despairing facial gesture just passes her by.
And looks like they took a page straight out of Apple's playbook this time around: one feature similar to the Animoji found on the iPhone X, AR Emoji, is on the new devices, which captures facial gestures and mimics them into emojis, which users, in turn to customise, from hair to outfits.
Facial gestures and lips provide a lot of information, so speech can be more easily understood when looking directly at the speaker.
Or accessibility-geared interfaces powered by facial gestures.
Unlike many current VR technologies, which use cameras to track facial gestures, MASK uses electrical impulses from the brain and facial muscles to show your "virtual reflection," Tadi said.
The pregnancy app notes of this stage of development, "simple facial gestures may now be visible on ultrasound, including grimacing and squinting.
However, the way she shot and edited the scenes is far from generic; she intersperses long shots with tight close-ups of hand movements and minute facial gestures, as if to capture the writer's intimate thoughts.
Her emotional ability as an actress seems to be there, yet it gets translated into squished and unusual facial gestures.