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cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams

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In family 3, a subcutaneous facial abscess developed in the mother in January 2005, two months after she delivered at the Codogno Hospital; subsequently, a vulvar abscess and recurrent abscesses of the right leg continued to develop in this patient until 2006.
Both patients presented with features suggestive of cavernous sinus thrombosis (CST), a known complication of facial abscess squeezing or surgical interference.
A 31-year-old otherwise healthy female patient presented for an incision and drainage of a facial abscess.
Cpl Kevin Pritchard, an army chef from Groeslon, also flew to Afghanistan with the group, but was reunited with his family last week after being treated in the hospital for an infected facial abscess
Failure to detect and repair a ductal injury can result in a salivary fistula, sialocele, facial abscess, or atrophy of the involved parotid gland.
RSPCA workers and vets were shocked to discover Jess, an American bulldog, had multiple problems, including entropion, a painful condition where the eyelids fold inwards, an infected facial abscess, ear and skin infections and thickening of all the pads on her feet, resulting in thick horny growth.