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Synonyms for facial

cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams

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They were at too great a distance for the Europeans to know whether their facial expressions portrayed pity or rage, but be that as it may, none offered to interfere.
Her thin hands were lying on her lap, her facial immobility had in it something monachal.
That unfortunate lady hereupon essaying to offer testimony, without any voice and with painful gestures expressive of an inflamed throat, became so aggravating and underwent so many facial contortions, that Mr.
At Lucy's first evening party, young Torry fatigued his facial muscles more than usual in order that "the dark-eyed girl there in the corner" might see him in all the additional style conferred by his eyeglass; and several young ladies went home intending to have short sleeves with black lace, and to plait their hair in a broad coronet at the back of their head,--"That cousin of Miss Deane's looked so very well.
18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This research report provides analytical insights on the 'global facial recognition market'.
Moreover, facial recognition systems that can scan images in all environmental conditions are being developed using 3D facial recognition technology.
During one of these surgeries, the facial nerve was injured at the internal auditory canal, resulting in right-sided facial paralysis.
Kimberly Lee, a female facial plastic surgeon, has opened the Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery Center.
Idiopathic facial paralysis is the acute mononeuropathy of the seventh cranial nerve, and it is recurrent in 2-9% of the cases (1, 2).
Don't ignore weakness or numbness in the face as it may be a sign of facial paralysis
Put together by two former presidents of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India, this atlas is based on the premise that exhaustive photographic depiction of the facial nerve and its anatomical and pathological features will allow young otologists to include it as part of the mainstream ear-nose-throat surgical practice.
It's not just the terminology -- ReFirme, Thermage, elos, Sculptra -- that makes the latest wave of facial rejuvenation treatments seem so elegant, so dreamy, so chic and trendy.
The main objective of the Vietnamese facial acupressure system reflexology is to prevent health problems and relieve existing troubles before they are chronic: that said, Facial Reflexology introduces the concepts and methods of the healing method to English speakers for the first time, offering some thirteen summary diagrams locating numbered facial points and their reflex zones for the whole body.
Children with bipolar disorder are more likely than other kids to read hostility in bland facial expressions, a new study shows.
Three cheers and indeed, huzzah, then, for Miuccia Prada, who not only has come up with a splendid range of beauty products (and yes, she did personally oversee the whole thing, from production to packaging), but some lovely facial treatments in which they can be used.
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