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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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Replacement inter-|nally illuminated facia sign, internally illuminated projecting sign, ATM bezel and nameplate (Advertisement Consent), National Westminster Bank 12 Bradford Road, Brighouse.
The steering wheel is leather-wrapped, the leather-topped facia has a softer, more luxurious feel, and even the floor mats are edged with leather.
The S-Limited features many of the visual enhancements of theGrand Cherokee SRT-8, including a different facia and side sill moulding, Arrowhead 18-inch alloy wheels, SRT body-coloured wire mesh front grille and body-coloured wing mirrors, a rear spoiler and deep tint windows.
Similarly, the average EI value for the facia boards with the loads applied perpendicular to the mortise axes was 22.
Officers went to the hotel and seized hi-tech equipment from the hotel and a car, including computers, cameras, tape recorders, radio transmitters and a false facia of a cash dispensing machine.
The French filly now enjoys new 17-inch Tosca alloys, while the cabin gets a makeover with a new aluminium finish around the facia and centre console.
There are tinted rear lights and chrome-trimmed door handles, a leather steering wheel and gear selector, electronically-adjustable sports seats, and light birch or black walnut for the facia trims.
There are common hard points, particularly around the driver area--steering wheel, facia, pedals and H-point--and there is the opportunity to use common steering and suspension components.
A police spokeswoman said: "If your in-car music system has security coding or a removable facia, make sure these are always activated or the facia is removed when you leave the vehicle, as this will act as a deterrent to any opportunist thief.
Vinton says there's been kind of a trend for the new facilities to go with ribbon-type boards, which wrap around the facia of the inside of the second tier of an arena or stadium, which can be used for game stats and/or advertising.
A central spine runs along the centre of the car to divide front and seats before branching in each direction under the facia.
They tell us such a unit is easily customised to user requirements, its rugged metal case is sealed to 1P65 standard and its keyboard has a chemically resistant facia.
It has fully integrated soft facia bumpers, high-intensity projection headlamp units, collision-avoidance system, dual remote-controlled rearview mirrors and dual airbags.
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