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If facetiousness is Bernardo's idea of storytelling innovation, perhaps to prudently veer away from formula, it's best to spare yourself from this movie's kooky comedic proclivity and 'extreme' narrative persuasions.
Facetiousness aside, the desire of Arab readers such as Shidyaq, Badawi, and others who have taken up their claims, to envision Shakespeare as a transplanted Arab, or descendant of one, writing in English does stem to a great extent from the essential paradox of an English writer contributing to the definition of a non-English culture, especially with the British occupation of Egypt long after Shakespeare's time in mind.
Ten out of ten for facetiousness (not easy to say when you're perplexed).
Steering clear of framing gimmicks as well as the facetiousness of Arlequin, Selleque nevertheless kept a cheeky tone.
Based on the true story between Marx, Engels, Lizzie and her sister Mary, McCrea captures time and place eloquently and Lizzie's determination and facetiousness inhabits every single page of this novel.
But in the middle of all of this facetiousness there is real engaging learning going on.
The facetiousness of Krog's imagined response to the child's question seems to undermine this stereotype.
Facetiousness aside, what happened against Charlton has sadly been a familiar theme under Russell Slade, the Bluebirds failing to keep their noses in front when they have made the breakthrough.
Further signaling the facetiousness of this scene, the festivities continue with a band of singers, led by Joe Bright (the most admirable and forthright character in the novel), singing patriotic tunes, along with, oddly, a parody, composed by [Bright].
Facetiousness aside, I am mindful of a quote, perhaps it is from Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables that "the subject must be stated in neutral language that it can not smuggle any unexamined cargo.
Seesawing with uncanny adeptness between facetiousness and earnestness," reflects the Washington Post, "[Moore] keeps readers slightly off balance as she works her way through moving portraits of vulnerability, awkwardness, resignation and melancholic fortitude.
1548) polemic could be both comic and dramatic: in this colloquial dialogue the voices of the interlocutors are entirely distinct and John Bon's witty facetiousness is an amusing veil for a ferocious attack on transubstantiation.
In the eating matter, the facetious ritual--and it is a ritual alright, not just facetiousness - is manifested in moments of festive meals, sporadically, such as on Christmas or Easter, or at wedding ceremonies, and so on, where, because it is a celebration, "anything" is allowed and one should not think of eating rules.
Merely from the point of view of volume, therefore, one can readily appreciate that it was not mere facetiousness that led a theologian to remark, that even if the Holy See were to remain silent for ten years, the theologians would have plenty to do in classifying and evaluating the theological significance of Plus XII's public statements.