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The facetiousness of Krog's imagined response to the child's question seems to undermine this stereotype.
Facetiousness aside, what happened against Charlton has sadly been a familiar theme under Russell Slade, the Bluebirds failing to keep their noses in front when they have made the breakthrough.
Seesawing with uncanny adeptness between facetiousness and earnestness," reflects the Washington Post, "[Moore] keeps readers slightly off balance as she works her way through moving portraits of vulnerability, awkwardness, resignation and melancholic fortitude.
1548) polemic could be both comic and dramatic: in this colloquial dialogue the voices of the interlocutors are entirely distinct and John Bon's witty facetiousness is an amusing veil for a ferocious attack on transubstantiation.
Merely from the point of view of volume, therefore, one can readily appreciate that it was not mere facetiousness that led a theologian to remark, that even if the Holy See were to remain silent for ten years, the theologians would have plenty to do in classifying and evaluating the theological significance of Plus XII's public statements.
It provides an irresistible opportunity for facetiousness.
SHORT All facetiousness aside, Hughton was always well aware it couldn't last, his record and Blues.
Here we must note that Pound cannot afford Dunbar's great strength for mbdng frivolity, even facetiousness, with high seriousness; Pound has to make his content banal so that he can concentrate on his form, since he is not yet ready to begin the long and arduous process of developing a new form to cope with the extremes of new content.
The war cry practice in Spud II, however, not only sees the boys reiterating these hostile sentiments, but also testifies to an increase in bloodthirstiness and brutality, a circumstance which serves to highlight the implicit facetiousness of such violent commands (Van de Ruit, 2007:133).
With a hint of facetiousness in his voice, he declared that these definitions "were comprehensive enough, it would seem, to include even an Indian.
THE UNDERCURRENT OF facetiousness that attaches itself to the subtitle of Tom Inglis' new volume, Global Ireland: Same Difference, in truth, throws into relief one of the curiosities of Ireland's enthusiasm for the patterns of contemporary globalization.
Piglet Sixteen's playfulness and facetiousness should not be confused with other contemporary Chinese writers' (such as Zhu Wen and Wang Shuo) penchant for frivolity, focus on the present time, and blasphemous counternarratives against didacticism.
The Coens repeatedly suggest, with facetiousness masking sincerity in the manner that has become one of their hallmarks, that The Big Lebowski revolves around the question of "What makes a man?
16) It is, I believe, with some facetiousness that Luzi uses the extremely rare form.
taking him en route"), and this makes the poem feel too much like an academic exercise at times, but Everett's biting facetiousness keeps the poem readable.