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Synonyms for facet

Synonyms for facet

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for facet

a distinct feature or element in a problem

a smooth surface (as of a bone or cut gemstone)

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12%] of two different vertebrae, one on right side and other on left side showed complete separation of facet into two parts with a gap in between (Figure 4] upper facets were quadrangular and lower facets were triangular.
Thirty-six experts in personality research and psychometrics were asked to select the facet to which each item belonged.
Unlike specimens tested at conventional frequency, all of the specimens tested at ultrasonic frequency presented a large amount of slip facets on the fatigue crack propagation fracture surface.
In this study, human cadaveric cervical vertebra samples were used for studying the load rate increase and the force distribution of the adjacent segment facet joint after single and double segment fusion.
On the other hand, file types could be a listed facet, as could top-level domains, language, site types (blogs, forums, retail, etc.
Unilateral injury to the facet joint is generally thought to cause a certain degree of rotational instability as the injured facet and lateral mass complex rotates around the intact contralateral facet.
One clinical test that has been described in the literature as being potentially useful in diagnosing facet joint pain (or "facet syndrome") is the Kemp's test (14) (also referred to as the Quadrant test (15) and Extension-Rotation test (9)).
But we need more than moorings: we also have to ensure that the boat with which we navigate through life has proper balance; all its different facets need to be properly attended to; none can be disregarded for any length of time; and each one has to be given due care and its proper attention.
Using the fields as input to build a full-text index, the indexer must assure that it has capabilities to complete direct searches and support facet generation efficiently and correctly.
For a TIR type planar spectrometer, the TIR occurs twice when the incident light impinges on an illuminated facet (see Figure 1(d)).
Let I be a facet of SC(Q, [rho]) and i be a position in I.
Unlike the 56 facet diamond, the 99 facet stones are very rare.
Faceted classification outlines facets as well as subfacets and facet values.
Diagnoser Tools begin with facet clusters as the interpretive framework for designing questions and instructional activities.