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(a dated Briticism) a serious difficulty with which one is suddenly faced

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Because the new line of flange facers easily switch between facing and milling operations, machinists using the tools effectively get two machines in one, thus saving time and money.
By having more options for specing their flange facers, Climax customers can tackle a variety of jobs while minimizing tool change out.
AS head brewer at Boddington's, Dave Facer was used to overseeing 750,000 barrels a year of "the cream of Manchester".
Dave Facer (left and inset) checks the temperature of the mash, while Philip Blanchard fills the casks Pictures: STACEY ROBERTS
They are the only flange facers on the market that let operators adjust the feed rate while the machine is still running, without having to reach into the machine.
These new flange facers comply with the latest European CE safety standards, making them the safest portable flange facers to operate today," said Geoff Gilmore, president of Climax Portable Machine Tools.
Because valves and flanges located in confined areas pose unique repair and maintenance challenges, the compact Climax FF6100 flange facer was designed to fit within a vertical clearance of only 14-1/2 inches (356 mm), making it ideal for use on site in cramped or restricted areas.
By developing this compact and modular FF6100 flange facer, Climax enables its customers to make repairs even in crowded workspaces, and to get the job done safely, quickly and cost-effectively on site so equipment can get back in service faster.