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(a dated Briticism) a serious difficulty with which one is suddenly faced

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As predicted by Grunig's theory, the problem facers were separated from the fatals by interpersonal discussion (.
52) was associated with the problem facers on function 1 and believability separated the routines (-.
Level of involvement, which was measured by the perceived importance of the earthquake prediction, separated the problem facers (.
The perceived influence of discussions with other people did separate the problem facers (.
The problem facers were more likely than other publics to talk about the earthquake problem, and they perceived that those discussions had an influence on their perception of the importance of the problem.
The problem facers and the routines, who believed they could do something to protect themselves from an earthquake, believed that other people in the area could also protect themselves from the earthquake.
Perceived preparedness and willingness to pay more taxes did separate the problem facers and routines from the fatals and the constrained on two functions.
In developing these programs, less emphasis may need to be directed at the problem facers and routines, who appeared to have a better understanding of earthquake preparedness than did the constrained and fatals.
Detailed specifications and operational dimensions of Climax's complete line of flange facers are available at http://www.
The FF6100 portable flange facer features an extremely powerful and rigid turning arm that can be used for the entire range of 14 to 60 inches (355 to 1524 mm).
The FF6100 flange facer is the newest member of the Climax Portable Machine Tools family of precision machine tools used for on-site repair and maintenance of equipment.