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Front faceplate installation offers fast, easy deployment without faceplate removal, while the flat or angled mount position allows for easy access.
A handle that sits nearly flush with the module faceplate when fully engaged, shielded by a raised area to protect against accidental operation or snagging of cables.
Rewire the electrical socket and screw the faceplate on to the back box.
Brush it gently over the latter with a dry paper-hanging brush and then draw lines from the corners of the faceplate to the centre with a pencil.
Bowers modified the magazine faceplate with a 5[degrees] taper to funnel the label to an exact position.
The third faceplate is for the B-2 Engine/APU Start Stop Control Panel.
The flush-mount version includes the flush-mounting box and has an oversized faceplate to eliminate additional trim work.
The IVT uses a swash plate design that imparts reciprocating motion via the inclination of a faceplate on a shaft relative to the axis of rotation.
The iQuest is a rugged handheld with rubberized side grips and a colorful, removable faceplate.
Unlike MUSIC[TM] and INFINITI 3[TM] analog programmables, with which the wearer selects between directional and omnidirectional mode with an intuitive switch on the faceplate, this directional option is contained within the multiple programs.
IBM's ViaVoice enables drivers to use voice commands, as an alternative input to faceplate controls, for accessing information such as weather, news and sports, select a favorite radio station or other iRadio system applications.
Most deadbolts allow you to choose between a rectangular faceplate and a round one that doesn't require chiseling.
Sam McClain, Pioneer's national sales manager, said the company has taken stereo security beyond the detachable faceplate with this new product.
Premisys FXS Card, 8-Port, 2-Wire,600 OHM, stainless steel faceplate.