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a protective covering for the front of a machine or device (as a door lock or computer component)

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LivingPlug's decorative faceplates put a playful spin on its tamper-resistant INLET, a three-plug adapter plus USB port that inserts into any standard electrical outlet.
In contrast to the constraints associated with standard models, the compact size of the faceplate also offers automakers considerable freedom to express their vehicle's identity.
Unscrew the faceplate slightly and pull it away from the wall.
Immediately dress the camera in a choice of 10 skins with contemporary designs that ship with the product simply by adding a skin, replacing the faceplate panel, and snapping on the lens ring.
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- War+Drobe Designs, a collective of social entrepreneurs, announces a three-day launch event of the new company and its first product, a new Interchangeable Skateboard Faceplate System that allows skateboarders to customize their boards at Art Basel 2014 in Miami, FL.
LivingPlug - Festive and Functional INLET and Faceplate Gives You a New Outlet to Decorate this Season
The SS 2000 features a polycarbonate faceplate with the word FIRE and flame/fire symbols molded into it and a stainless steel backplate.
Breiner said the infant, whose gender couldn't be determined, was interred in a decorative coffin with a glass faceplate.
Vantage/Legrand, which has always had the widest selection of keypads and faceplates, is taking personal choice to a new level by adding dozens of faceplate styles to its product line.
This beautifully designed 2-din head unit has an interchangeable faceplate and appealing, clean look, courtesy of the Swedish design agency Boris Design Studios.
To focus more attention on the presentation, users may opt to keep the camera and home buttons covered with the closed home/camera faceplate.
When activated, the EA1 will emit an audible alarm and activate the power outlet on the unit's faceplate, so that a firefighter can be awakened to a lighted room.
LOS ANGELES -- Gamers can upload, download and share GameFace 360 faceplate designs that feature pictures, drawings, photos or their own creations with thousands of users on the Nyko GameFace 360 Community site.
com reports that the price fall of liquid crystal faceplate has affected the whole color TV industry.