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without a face or identity


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Corporate leaders have lost their facelessness and become heroic celebrities who communicate optimism, confidence and a can-do attitude (Littler 2007).
While these women speak emphatically, with sharp articulation and upbeat intonation, something is lost in their facelessness.
The facelessness of cyberbullying may cause students who normally would not bully in the traditional physical ways to engage in the behavior in the digital world (Poland, 2010).
Peter Goodrich, The Iconography of Nothing: Blank Spaces and the Representation of Law in Edward VI and the Pope, in LAW AND THE IMAGE, supra note 172, at 89, 94, 100 (discussing the facelessness and unrepresentability of the source and power of law).
This particular instance of facelessness is offensive to me only because I was purposely cut out of it in a way that I felt was inconsiderate.
The facelessness of this world is associated not solely with the rise of mass-produced goods, the mind-numbing repetition of the same, and the blase attitude of "been there, done that," but also with new ways of exposing, abandoning, and opening ourselves to the unforeseen and the unknown, "a l'imprevu qui se montre, a l'inconnu qui passe.
I too, Into the squirming throng, faceless to facelessness, And under a lower sky.
There are often no human presences here, only the facelessness of deterritorialization.
In light of his above stances, it becomes difficult to unearth the reason for the facelessness of Basden's African informants and his lack of attention to the clear ethnic distinctions of the various African peoples, despite years of living among the Igbo.
Now he turns to something else: conveying what facelessness is like.
He shuts up shop, only to retire into the facelessness of the common people.
This pervasive theme of facelessness is particularly striking given the corporeal excesses of the many violent passages throughout the rest of these novels.
His best leverage, he said, comes from the facelessness of the urban banks.
This little exchange means to mitigate the problem of Michael's facelessness somewhat, as does the much earlier scene in which Michael cuts himself on the family swing set.
Facelessness: connected with both the previous point about the function of the red circle and the larger point about "the gap" made in this section, the very facelessness of the figures in this still provides sufficient space for imagination, simultaneously confirming prior understanding of the "shadowy and obscene" (22) nature and acts of Islamist terrorists as well as driving an insatiable curiosity, both to follow terror into its abyss and to tear the veil from its face a final moment of unmasking which, as we will explore, often signals denouement in the process of monstration.