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without a face or identity


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524" is no typo--it is not marred by Moby Dick's daunting as well as formidable facelessness and unsubdividedness.
Advances in social networking for the enterprise have shown promising ways to address this facelessness, pulling from the wildly successful practices and technologies in the consumer social networking space.
Scialabba opposes the standardization and facelessness that often accompany modernity.
The juxtaposition between the two works ultimately served to favor the latter: Highlighting the facelessness of the contemporary city spoke more cogently to global anomie than did the literal stage set representing the emirate next door.
Significantly, the shift away from the absolute locutory mimesis of the chameleonic "assimilist" (160) to verbal allotropy parallels the switch out of the mode of invisibility and facelessness into a position of assumed visibility and social presence.
The iconic facelessness of the mad criminal is also mirrored in the
One abiding interest of the book is location as stance--an attentiveness to the background and landscape of a small place as a way of combating urban facelessness.
Given the uniform facelessness of the very poor and very powerful to this point in the urban chapters of Maria's life, those characters whose names are included are all the more remarkable.
We have found the facelessness of emails and we see employees that do not know how to communicate because of different cultures and language barriers.
The role that the state played in reminding citizens of an approaching election and of their inclusion among those entitled to vote had a value that is now lost (except in the areas where a targeted revision takes place during the first two weeks of a campaign) in the facelessness of data banks and information transfers among government agencies and departments (p.
But as accomplished as her singing certainly is, there is a generic aspect to much of it and a facelessness to her interpretations.
However, the facelessness of the Internet can result in a perceived sense of anonymity and privacy, when in fact our actions, interests, and identities are under more surveillance than ever before.
14 by Jean Fautrier: saturated with the experience of the war, the head in its surrounding bed of ground is marked by elusive figuration and anonymity, hinting at the facelessness of war's victims.
Sly, the author of the image, described it as summing up for him "the endlessness and facelessness of waiting for the basics.
And it was a really bad idea to actually show the aliens when their facelessness is so much more terrifying.