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without a face or identity


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It is just so tragic these faceless people have robbed a family and community of a much-loved child.
php/topic/119336-aryas-latest-face/) Westeros forum, she may return to Westeros with an anonymous face and hide her identity not only from the people there but also the assassins of the Faceless Men.
The legal proceeding in faceless courts will be kept completely secret and the accused will not be able to know any thing about the judges,lawyers, witnesses and investigation officers.
As the faceless (and nameless) man and Maranth find their ways in this strange world, so readers follow their evolution and encounters.
But he surely carried with him the thoughts and, more importantly, the frustrations of thousands of people here who have watched helplessly as the British arm of a faceless US conglomerate drained Llanishen Reservoir for what has always appeared to be very spurious environmental reasons.
How dare the faceless men in Brussels say what is right or wrong for me in my country?
The first major designated trunk road in this country, the A1, should at least be dual carriageway along its entire length, irrespective of the faceless mandarins stating that the traffic flow does not merit an upgrade.
However, it is the skeleton detective who uncovers the plot by the Diablerie to open the Gateway allowing the old gods, the Faceless Ones, to re-enter the world, bringing death and destruction to all.
Nearly every type of transaction can be completed over a faceless Internet.
FOR some faceless beaurocrat to castigate Paul for using "experience" and "initiative" in saving a life is beyond belief.
On first hearing No One Listen is a song for anyone who ever got trapped in the automatic switchboard of faceless bureaucracy.
DRAWING: The faceless individual carried a bundle, believed to be Madeleine
With a fresh contemporary lens, the authors place the faceless Tyrone, a name popularized in a hit 1997 song by R&B artist Erykah Badu, under the microscope.
The outlines of Oliver Richards and his partners are all faceless.
Dan Dimonda will showcase his latest works in "Dan Dimonda: Faceless," which will run from August 21, 2006 through September 9, 2006.