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maintaining dignity or prestige

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Kennedy reports that "Byrnes accordingly repudiated the suggestions of Leahy, McCloy, Grew, and Stimson," all of whom were willing to relax the "unconditional surrender" demand just enough to permit the Japanese their face-saving requirement for ending the war.
Siemens Computer Systems executives say the formation of Fujitsu Siemens Computers following its joint venture agreement is not a face-saving way for the German conglomerate to exit the computer market.
Diplomatic activity now seems to be focused on constructing a face-saving exit for DPM Supachai rather than on continuing to try and swing the WTO General Council's consensus 'no vote, no veto' system around in support of our man," the English-language Bangkok Post said in a commentary.
In offering face-saving statements, investigators employ the same defense mechanisms used by the suspects to justify their crimes.
As the primary audience of blackface minstrels, workers stamped their feet and sang Jim Crow songs out of a face-saving mockery ("Theft") but also out of a fascination ("Love") for what they imagined black people and black culture to be.
This is a face-saving gesture needed by Garamendi for cosmetics and we agreed to go along.
Although this impressive three-pronged attempt to save the forest (and the Forest Service) is viewed cynically by some as face-saving public relations, there is little denying that change is taking place.
It might provide President Bush with a face-saving and politically helpful compromise, even if it doesn't satisfy all of the opponents of embryonic stem cell research.
The minister and the PSO top management suspended some junior officials as face-saving before the matter was referred to the FIA for inquiry to fix responsibility.
The face-saving solution involved accepting the referral of one bill while approving the second bill with some minor changes and sending it back to the president.
It looks to me that this is a face-saving exercise because if they don't scramble out of this, surely someone has got to bear responsibility for the decision.
EVEN at the tender age of 24, James Roby admits he will be under pressure to provide a lead to a youthful England in Saturday's Four Nations face-saving clash with Papua New Guinea at Eden Park.
Alesana Tuilagi (above) powered in for a face-saving 77th-minute try to finally steer the Tigers to a 34-29 win at Stadio Comunale di Monigo.
GARY Caldwell was delighted to see his former Celtic team-mate Stephen McManus score the face-saving winner for Scotland against Liechtenstein last month.
That means England's best hope of completing a face-saving victory against opponents with 57 defeats from 66 outings rest on early wickets and a modest chase.