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Synonyms for face-off

a face-to-face, usually hostile meeting

Synonyms for face-off

a hostile disagreement face-to-face

(ice hockey) the method of starting play

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Face-off wins area priority for Billingham Stars tomor-|row evening against Sheffield Senators BRIDGET OLIVER
The Indian Defence minister said that India was trying to find out more effective mechanisms to prevent occasional face-off incidents till the final settlement of the border issue with China.
We made a switch on face-offs, and put (senior) Travis Patterson on face-offs - he's a big, strong kid - with the goal of evening off the face-off battle and maintaining possession, but we did better than that.
the face-offs, now we are good friends and go golfing together.
Deluxe Playset: Vilgax's Battle Ship, which debuts in the Fall, features a slime pit arena for face-offs between your miniature Transforming Alien Rock figures, as well as a Sumo Slammer battle arena.
The Colonials' aggression on face-offs and the forecheck built them a 2-0 lead after seven minutes of play.
Exhibiting companies were selected at random to compete in three Face-Offs.