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a piece of more-or-less transparent material that covers the face

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Constituents who wear the face veil should either take it off or communicate with him in a "different way" such as mailing a letter, Hollobone said.
A Conservative MP who launched a bid to ban Muslim women from wearing the burka said he will refuse to hold meetings with constituents wearing a face veil.
My daughter was suspended from school for a month because she took off her face veil in the school bus.
The law would ban the face veil in many public spaces.
The government said it brought in the ban in part because students, male and female, were sitting exams disguised as other candidates by wearing a face veil.
Sawiris had angered Muslim hardliners by relaying the Mickey and Minnie cartoons in bread and face veil.
Community advocates estimate that fewer than 2,000 women wear face veils, and it is likely that a smaller percentage drives.
Much has been made in recent months over the move by the lower house of the Belgium parliament to ban the face veil.
The paper quotes a YouGov survey last week that found 67 percent want the full face veil to be made illegal.
The Euro MP says his party's call to outlaw Islamic face veils was about preventing extremists from imposing their culture - including Sharia law - on Britain.
Summary: A college in the United Kingdom has banned a Muslim student from enrolling because she refused to take off her burka, or face veil, press reports said Saturday.
The Labour peer said he did not want the face veil - niqab - to be banned by law, but said they were meant to be worn so women would not be harassed but were now having the opposite effect in Britain.
I'm not dictating hard and fast rules, but Imperial College recently banned the face veil and I think that this is arguably the best decision.
Conservatives in the country are calling for a law that will prohibit women from wearing a face veil in certain environments.
Paris, Sept 22(ANI): A Frenchwoman, who wears an Islamic face veil, wants to run for the 2012 French presidential elections.