face towel

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a small towel used to dry the hands or face


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They will donate at least pounds 1 from a special face towel costing pounds 2.
The face towel costs pounds 4, hand towel pounds 12, bath towel pounds 24 and bath sheet pounds 34.
Face Towel: A crowded gym is likely to run out of towels fairly quickly, so pack a small face towel to mop up excess sweat in between routines.
Meal, incredible, to give you an example: after take off, orange juice, caesar salad, bread roll, choice of three main courses, including pasta with wild mushrooms, Chicken Tika or vegetarian option, chocolate cheese cake, cheese and biscuits and choice of wines beers and spirits, small chocolate pudding and chocolate sweet, face towel.
Sometimes it helps to use a clean face towel every time you wash and a small flannel is ideal.
95, and a Magic Simpson Towel that comes as a compressed disc and expands into a face towel when wet for pounds 2.
Tenders are invited for Disposable Face Towel Made Of 100 Percent Cotton Spun Lace Material Detail Description Is Enclosed.
He checked out the loo, fooled about with the face towel and put cucumber slices on his eyes to cool off.
Tenders are invited for Face Towel Turkish Handloom Size 60X40 Cms.
Tenders are invited for Turkey face towel as per invitation to tender
Special Condition,-1 Each Face Towel Supplied By Acash Should Have The Handloom Mark.
7 Manufacturer S Name, Trade Mark, Year And Month Of Manufacture To Be Displayed On A Lable Suitabley Stiched To The Corner Of Face Towel.