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Synonyms for face-to-face

in each other's presence

Related Words

directly facing each other


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Founded in 1984, MJM is a Face to Face marketing and communications agency for live events, meetings, exhibits, trade shows, training and interactive.
With an event of this magnitude, the advantages of Face to Face marketing, which allows direct interaction between a brand and its audience, are critical to ensure the message does not get lost in the enormity of the event," notes Steven Phillips, MJM Senior Vice President Creative and team leader for the Canon event.
com) is an independent record label started by Trever Keith, former front man of the '90s influential pop-punk band Face to Face.
Demand for MJM's unique brand of Face to Face marketing has increased as companies recognize the importance of putting people in front of people to represent a brand," notes Michael Wolkowitz, MJM Co-CEO.
We are extremely grateful to LifeCell Corporation for their generosity and commitment to the FACE TO FACE program," says AAFPRS President Russell W.
Face to face negotiations on new agreements are scheduled to start Oct.
Video conferencing technology, which is being provided by Sprint, combines hardware, software and phone lines to allow people to talk face to face as if they were together in the same room.
However, face-to-face students may not spend more time on studying the textbook, since they attend the class face to face.
Face to Face has bolstered its creative department with the appointment of Paul Barrass as creative director.
Wiederhold, PhD, MBA, BCB, BCN, Editor-in-Chief of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, from the Interactive Media Institute, San Diego, CA, said in a press release that results appear to indicate that initial exposure to an individual via Facebook may have a negative impact on consequent face to face encounters with that individual for those with high social anxiety.