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Synonyms for face-to-face

in each other's presence

Related Words

directly facing each other


References in classic literature ?
For the first time he found himself face to face with Monk; with the man he had so much desired to see; and, with that peculiar glance which God has given to eagles and kings, he had fathomed the abyss of his heart.
He longed to know her--to speak to her face to face.
Somerfield looked at him with the puzzled air of a man who is face to face with a problem which he cannot solve.
All day and all night we sat face to face, I weary but resolute, and he weeping and com- plaining of his immediate hunger.
Alone -- he was alone again -- again condemned to silence -- again face to face with nothingness
Yes, my lord, my mother," replied the young man, advancing into the room until he was face to face with Lord de Winter, and crossing his arms.
Face to face with discovery of his secret, the old man, in a pitiable state of concern, spoke out even more fully than Mr.
We cannot resist the impulse to point out, in concluding this note, some of the acts of vandalism which are every day planned, debated, begun, continued, and successfully completed under the eyes of the artistic public of Paris, face to face with criticism, which is disconcerted by so much audacity.
Cursing his temerity, his heart sinking at the thought of finding himself at any moment face to face with the Emperor and being put to shame and arrested in his presence, fully alive now to the impropriety of his conduct and repenting of it, Rostov, with downcast eyes, was making his way out of the house through the brilliant suite when a familiar voice called him and a hand detained him.
At the same time the beast emerged from the cave, so that he and the Sagoths came face to face upon that narrow ledge.
They are all like that," Geraldine whispered "when they've been face to face with the real thing.
Fancy our sitting face to face on a motionless tricycle in the middle of the road, and all the people looking out of their windows at us
The time when I and that man shall meet face to face.
This strange apparition surprised but did not alarm, and taking such a course as to intercept him I met him almost face to face, accosting him with the familiar salutation, "God keep you.
And here it was, now, and I was face to face with it.