face saving

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an act that avoids a loss of face (of dignity or prestige)

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Since political debates are primarily conc erned with the candidates' abilities to demonstrate leadership behaviors, and since contradiction, disagreement, disapproval, and criticism are not only probable but expected in debates, the coding system focused on positive face saving behaviors.
Oneway ANOVA was used to determine if topic had an effect on the face saving strategies used by the three candidates.
After recoding the topics, an ANOVA did not produce significant differences between the three candidates and their selection of lowest face-saving, highest face-saving, or most frequently used face saving strategies used for each of the three general topic areas, with power estimates of .
It critically examines the cultural barriers language (dialects and the role of interpreters), fatalism, shame and face saving, sexual norms and roles, death and dying beliefs, family structure, and self-care practices, as they impact HIV prevention and services.
The demise of the Republican Party is imminent and beyond face saving.
There should be face saving for all sides in the deal, he opined.
The PTI was now running away from the government in the province and seeking lame excuses to get rid of it for their face saving he said and added that the political parties in the province did not want to give any space to the PTI.
GARETH JENKINS has urged the Welsh nation to rise up and inspire their rugby team to a face saving victory over England.
Now for face saving, they have decided to crush farmer community and to sell their land leased by govt for last 63 years.
These people are now criticizing the operation for mere face saving.
Amid fevered reports of face saving deals, speculation was growing that the autocratic president was on the verge of stepping down.