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an act that avoids a loss of face (of dignity or prestige)

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Jacqueline Boatman, esthetician and co-founder of Face Saver Cosmetics says, “Clarifying Souffle rejuvenates the skin by clarifying the complexion, softening the skin and clearing away blemishes.
Hickman explained that the goal of all of the company's products, including the Face Saver, is that they help customers sleep more comfortably.
However, with the people of Delhi clearly sending a message to all the political parties that corruption will not be tolerated, the Akhilesh government had to take some actions as a face saver.
The host South Africa is looking for a face saver and if Durban delivers penny less Green Climate Fund, it will be an achievement.
For consumers who are conscious of their skin and want to prevent wrinkles, United Feather & Down created what it calls a Face Saver Pillow.
But he was powerless to stop Weir from sprinting clear to notch Hearts' face saver.
Like no ordinary liquid foundation this original face saver gives your complexion a wake-up call with orange water, magnesium, zinc, sodium and potassium, vitamin C, green tea and vitamin E - it's like a breakfast for your face.
The Delhi Traffic Police's Facebook and Twitter pages, however, come as a face saver for the police administration in the Capital.
McCann then watched a longrange free-kick dip over the bar as the Irish pressed for a late face saver.
Newly crowned FAW Player-Of-The Year, John Hartson cancelled that one out, but Savo Milosevic and Danijel Ljuboja put Serbia in control before Robert Earnshaw's last minute face saver.
A poor attempt at a face saver for Tony - T, Cumbernauld.
True, Catt landed five penalties, but apart from the face saver, they hardly got the fans' blood boiling.
For Raj the offer for talks was indeed a face saver as the ' effective' road blockade that he had promised received a lukewarm response from the people of the state.