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biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces

the visual perception of familiar faces

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Speaking on the announcement as a major advancement, Shri Rakesh Asthana, Indian Police Service, Police Commissioner of Surat City, said, "We have found NEC's face recognition solution to be the most appropriate solution with respect to face detection and investigation, and it will help Surat Police resolve crime cases in a very speedy manner.
By identifying strategies used by super recognizers, we may find ways to train others who have problems with face recognition, or help people who are in the normal range but have professional demands in which superior face recognition-would be beneficial," says Dartmouth psychologist Bradley Duchaine.
and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, shows a specialized police department called PreCrime that apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge, along with a face recognition software, provided by three psychics called precogs.
The Innovative Achievement in the Access Control category went to Suprema for its innovative face recognition access control terminal, FaceStation.
We now assume that areas in the brain which are involved in voice and face recognition interact directly and influence each other," says Helen Blank, a member of von Kriegstein's research group.
Keywords: 3D face recognition, 3D bending invariant correlative features (3D BI-LBP), spectral regression (SR)
Among appearance-based face recognition approaches, PCA and LDA are very popular and have been applied extensively.
JustLook is the biometric face recognition system provider firm.
8, awarded on June 27, 2007, is for an auto-tracking face recognition device, which detects the location of the face of a target person within a frame, and then, by adjusting for orientation, position, focal length, etc.
Face recognition technology, which would allow users to search the thousands of photos on their hard drives for pictures of a specific person, could make life so much easier for consumers.
completed its "Face Recognition Vendor Test 2006," the latest in a series of large-scale independent evaluations for face recognition systems.
has adopted its face recognition technology which can help protect data in lost or stolen mobile phones.
today announces the introduction of a Face Recognition function that authenticates customers by sensing their facial features to increase mobile phone security.
Gauthier Lab)hile one goal of the new study was to compare object and face recognition skills, another goal was to develop a better way to measure who has exceptional skills in one domain: how to find the experts in the recognition of cars or birds or even mushrooms.