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cosmetic powder for the face

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Verdict: Fabulous finish, fabulous packaging - just a bit pricey for a face powder.
Luckily, today's beauty product manufacturers now offer foundations which go on just like face powder and therefore feel completely natural.
Cleverly pressed with a faux leopard pattern, the individual colours can be picked out as eye shadows, while sweeping brush across the whole compact will mix the three for use as a highlighter, bronzer, blusher or face powder.
Cleaning and face powders commonly have a mineral base or mineral filler.
The choice of shimmering body and face powders available to a girl is dazzling now, so why not have a play.
Chemists seeking an alternative method for making boron nitride - a substance used to create hard, diamond-like materials, face powders, and fibers for composite materials - have discovered a new form of the material: microscopic tubes.
This week, we asked the ladies from the new Hilton Hotel Liverpool to check in and check out the latest face powders.
The range features lipsticks and lip glosses, eye shadows, blusher, face powders and mascara, all from pounds 4.
THE PURPOSE OF FACE POWDERS is to cover or hide skin blemishes, to cover shiny portions of the skin and to absorb oils and water that may be given off by the skin.
Funky and yet classic, this poppy powder comes in a sophisticated golden compact which opens up to a modern collection of face powders in a trendy 'love' design.
Applications: liquid foundations, pressed and loose face powders, eye shadows, hot-pours, concealers
In other Revlon news, the company has added the Custom Face powders and Skinlights Custom LipColors to its lineup.