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a cream that cleanses and tones the skin


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If you already have the ingredients in your store cupboard, you may as well save money and make your own face pack - but if you're buying the items in specially, you'd better have a few recipes up your sleeve to use up the leftovers.
A salon style fabric facial it is the ultimate easy post-party pick-up without any of the mess of traditional face packs and will leave your skin bright, refreshed and rejuvenated in minutes, clearing your head and leaving you ready for the day.
all that time to lie around with face packs on and play about with make-up.
I do like to pamper myself from time to time and face packs like these are just the job.
From the waterproof, colourful, Hot Shot Backpack to the trendy designer style of the Limekiln Daypack The North Face packs will look good whether carrying a laptop on the tube or a harness and chalk bag to the gym.
This has everything you could need for an indulgent night away to get your face glowing including facial wash, hydrating toner, that all essential moisturiser and two face packs.
Meanwhile, the gang failed to get ice cream from the Celebrity Chest - instead being given face packs and wax strips courtesy of fashion experts Trinny and Susannah after wrongly guessing how many billionaires are in the world.
Husbands and boyfriends will be allowed to prop up the bar and bet at the event, but they won't be allowed any cucumber face packs to ease their tired skin ( the pampering is strictly ladies only.
Although many of these are also available for men - and increasing numbers are trying out face packs, wraps and anti-ageing treatments - I thought I'd go for one of the more Spartan-sounding, macho choices.
I've been very stringent with my skin recently - exfoliation, face packs etc.
FORMER Welsh rugby international Rupert Moon slapped on face packs yesterday in a double celebration.
She believes face packs are the most intensive way of creating a natural pick-me-up for the skin.
We know we're boring childless friends into catatonia by inflicting incessant We know we're boring childless friends into catatonia by inflicting incessant photos on their news feed - of nativity plays, first days at school, messy ice cream eating sessions involving Cornetto face packs and sherbet eyebrows.