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mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey

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Fluid protection is critical, yet more than 70% of all face masks used today are not ASTM-rated for fluid-resistance.
Each eye mask delivers 10 ML of serum to the delicate eye area, while each face mask contains 30 ML of skin therapy serum -- the equivalent of a full bottle of serum in one absorbent face mask.
It was a nice surprise for Luke and myself to be presented with our own face masks, although we're not expecting these particular ones to be in demand
Review by the infection control team identified the low level of awareness of and adherence to the hospital protocol for wearing face masks as a contributory factor.
The simplest types of face masks available over the counter are surgical masks, much like the ones that doctors wear while operating on patients.
By simply spraying Crystal Veil Mask Bokin 24 Mint over both sides of the mask, this spray thus provides 24-hour protection from pollen grains that would otherwise adhere to the mask's surface as viruses and bacteria that similarly cling to and accumulate on face masks throughout the day.
While surgical face masks are classically seen in operating rooms, in recent years the market has expanded to include individual consumers.
A Swiss company has introduced a new face mask to combat the risk of infection in mass gatherings amid growing anxiety about the status of the new coronavirus during the forthcoming Haj season.
Glenn presented the students with the challenge of producing wall-size face masks using scrap materials and paints," said platform art and design course leader, Tracy Jones.
If you're skin's looking dull, look for an exfoliating face mask and for an instant fix pick a product with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.
Leading maker of cosmetic products, Kose, has chosen to use Tencel Skin in its new Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn face mask range.
A new study explores face masks as a simple and practical intervention for reducing individuals1 exposure co particulate air pollution and finds their use improves several cardiovascular health measures in people with coronary heart disease [EHP 120(3):367-372; Langrish et alj.
ANON * IN answer to a spleen, August 12, David Cameron doesn't want to ban hoodies or face masks but wants to give the police more powers to remove hoodies and face masks from the yobbos.
Crosstex also announces that two of its products, Crosstex Ultra Sensitive Face Masks and Crosstex Comfort Plus[TM] Premium Saliva Ejector have earned recognition from The Dental Advisor as Preferred Products for 2011.