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mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey

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Fluid protection is critical, yet more than 70% of all face masks used today are not ASTM-rated for fluid-resistance.
The face masks can deliver 30 ML of key ingredients in one 20-minute application and leaves the skin feeling soft and looking radiant.
The proceduralist who performed the spinal injection denied upper respiratory tract symptoms, but admitted to not using a face mask because of unawareness of the hospital lumbar puncture protocol mandating face mask use when conducting all lumbar punctures.
The simplest types of face masks available over the counter are surgical masks, much like the ones that doctors wear while operating on patients.
Surgical face masks are an important product used by surgeons, doctors and nurses to help prevent the spread of germs from noses and mouths into patients' wounds, reducing the number of postoperative wound infections.
We believe that our protective face mask can help protect agriculture and security workers effectively, with the added advantages of comfort of wear and easy identification," said Jamie Paterson, CEO of Viroblock.
REVIVE YOUR SKIN: Right, a face mask can work wonders for your complexion
Lenzing has launched Tencel Skin, the first product made of Tencel that is designed for moisturizing face masks in the beauty market.
NICKLAS BENDTNER could return to training as early as next week after being fitted with a protective face mask.
Airon Corporation is pleased to announce FDA marketing approval of MACS, the next generation Face Mask CPAP system for critical care.
By observing good hygiene at all times of year, the general public can protect themselves from influenza and indeed, other respiratory diseases, more effectively than a face mask can.
Rebreathing during oxygen treatment with face mask.