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Sarah Colborne, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: 'It's beyond words that, while the Israeli army is raining death and destruction on Palestinian children, men and women in Gaza with its bombs and shells, Garnier is providing face creams and facial soaps to that army's female soldiers.
Mango Madness Skin Care manufactures a comprehensive line of paraben-free skin care products including hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizers, retinol and peptide wrinkle creams and face creams, a neck firming cream, glycolic acid, amber based and microdermabrasion type exfoliators, a vitamin K dark circle eye cream, gentle skin cleansers, and a broad spectrum sunscreen.
So we'll help you navigate your way through the delicious minefield that is face creams.
Two lucky readers will win pounds 1000 of products each, including: Suprem'Advance's Face Cream (50ml jar), rrp pounds 200; Eye Cream (15ml jar), rrp pounds 92; Dcollet Cream (50ml), rrp pounds 98; Body Cream (200ml), rrp pounds 170; Intensive Serum (30ml), rrp pounds 240; and Night Cream (50ml), rrp pounds 200.
Items sampled included children's toy make-up, free cosmetic gifts attached to children's comics, skin lightening creams, face soaps, hair gel, glitter powder, lipsticks, body lotions, lip gloss, nail polish and removers, skin whiteners, deodorant products containing some form of sun protection and men's face creams.
The natural health industry anticipates robust sales, since many aging Boomers prefer herbal hair-loss remedies and organic face creams in their quest to look and feel as good as Mick and Madonna.
NutriLayer (INCI: Oryza sativa [rice] bran butter), a premium natural active ingredient for topical skin and face creams, sun screens and lip care, is a powerful antioxidant that nourishes, soothes and protects the skin.
Dry hands can often be a problem and it makes sense when we're soaking up anti-ageing face creams that we start using them on our hands too.
Face creams, perfume and other items worth a total of pounds 18 were stolen from the store in Cardiff Bay in August last year.
But in most reality shows the deadliest homo sins are arch superficiality, an addiction to face creams, and a deep need for hugs from straight guys.
Of course, not even pounds 100 face creams will get rid of teenage spots.
Aerosol sprays and lotions for fair or normal skin join the existing face creams and self tan spray.
I fought in the Battle of the Atlantic and I didn't need any funny face creams either and I still managed to father six strapping lads in my spare time and good old soap and water was good enough for all of us.
Athens Natural Body Care: Join us at Earth Fare as we make simple, wonderful lip balms, face creams and more with pure natural ingredients.
You find sea fan extract in face creams to help prevent sun damage.