face cream

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a cream used cosmetically (mostly by women) for softening and cleaning the skin

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Summary: LONDON: Precious ivory artifacts that crime author Agatha Christie cleaned using her face cream after her husband excavated them have been bought by the British Museum, it was reported Tuesday.
54 Waitrose cream is meant for your little one's bum but is selling out fast as a face cream.
HHHII Lloydspharmacy Your Organics Replenishing Face Cream Day (50ml, pounds 4.
The most convenient method of using face cream is to apply it freely after the evening bath.
And just as Chanel's Sublimage is presented as a new face cream for customers who 'don't want to "fight" against ageing', so this is an architecture where those unpredictable changes that time and weather inevitably bring are enthusiastically welcomed by designers.
At Los Angeles International Airport, travelers shed shoes and belts, and tossed water, liquor and juice bottles and their toiletries -- everything from sample-size tubes of toothpaste to expensive face cream from Bloomingdale's -- into overflowing trash cans.
4 Nature, chemists who have examined the cream conclude that it is an ancient cosmetic face cream.
The most expensive face cream, body wash, exfoliating scrub and shampoo combined cannot make a person more beautiful than he is when giving a gift.
The AMerican sisters behind the cult brand have launched a new face cream, amusingly entitled Dear John.
CLARINS has a new range of sun creams, including the tinted self-tanning face cream SPF15 priced pounds 13.
I recall Pons and Fleischman, those cold-fusion physicists with names reminiscent of face cream and margarine, who used ordinary household items and tap water for their discovery.
Sunsource, which has also used Limbaugh's show to promote Rejuvenex, a face cream that supposedly counters the cosmetic effects of aging on women, refuses to discuss the "science" behind its wares.
NEW YORK -- Capitalizing on the continuing success of their DermaLastyl-B face cream, DermaPlus, Inc.
We believe that everyone is unique and each person should have their own personalized face cream," says Alberto Mina (Hekate CMO).