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the angle formed by two edges of a polyhedral angle

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11) The face angle (A) is calculated using formula: A = tan-1((m1- m2) / (1 + m1 * m2))
The data of discontinuities collected from the site was then used to perform kinematic analysis using the DIPS software to propose the safe slope orientations with steepest possible face angles.
Callaway's RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver comes in more lofts that incorporate a greater range of face angle options, CG bias options and CG height differences than the RAZR Fit Driver.
We define the angle defect at a vertex of a polyhedron to be the amount by which the sum of the face angles at that vertex falls short of 2[pi].
Accurate alignment marks promote proper face angle at impact and the precision milled face guarantees a perfectly fiat striking surface.
It can be intimidating to face angle cuts that have to look good when your only tool is a circular saw.
Many of the clubs carry an offset face angle, aimed at reducing a fade or slice shot common with so many club golfers.
A variety of short waveguides were tested to illustrate the effects of (a) material properties; (b) length; (c) diameter; (d) face angle and (e) source point on the transmission and reception of pulsed AE bursts.
The face is ground with a hook or face angle that is determined by the workpiece material.
The face angle, loft, and weight are balanced to provide users with maximum, consistent power, increased club control, and optimum surface hitting area.
Strips are designed by way of projecting walls and catch-benches at their correct face angle and width, through each mining horizon.
A further redesign of the hanging wall flattened the bench-face angle, but despite the reduction in both bench height and bench face angle, the hanging wall continued to experience displacements.
The two rejected samples contain different pigment systems and have curve shapes different from those of the master and approved samples In this case, our initial attempts came up blue on flop, even though one submission was several units yellow at 45 [degrees], the normal face angle.