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Synonyms for fabulous

Synonyms for fabulous

Synonyms for fabulous

extremely pleasing


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based on or told of in traditional stories

barely credible

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The fun and fabulousness, the costumes and controversy, the tears and triumphs of 35 years are on show in an exhibition of archival material from public and private collections that will entertain, engage and leave you proud.
Working in the late 1980s and early 90s, Rubnitz drew his inspiration from New York's East Village drag scene, capturing the essence of its dazzling fabulousness in works that feature iconic drag figures--RuPaul, the Lady Bunny, Hapi Phace, Lypsinka, and others.
Marianne Bergmann for 10 years of being cancer-free and lifelong fabulousness Dominique Bergmann Nel Dowell & Blair Conger Cristina M.
But you know, the school helped me blossom and added to my fabulousness," he added with a grin.
The woman then surrendered her loud jacket to Jackman, who put it on, thereby doubling his level of sheer fabulousness.
Many people consume luxury goods in order to signal their fabulousness to others.
In its latest annual list of notable heiresses, the US business magazine said it "focused on these impressive women, placing more emphasis than in the past on their passion to make a difference, in their industries and elsewhere, rather than their fame or fabulousness quotient.
Composer Marc Shaiman lent the backlash some needed fabulousness by making a popular, though laugh-free, Prop.
As if this trio blending the dance and theatre worlds weren't an intriguing enough collaboration, there's fashion in the mix: Reportedly, Alexander McQueen has designed costumes telegraphing the fabulousness of the French court.
I would be much more impressed if my expectations were exceeded by the reality -- if a property underplayed its fabulousness in the marketing -- only to blow me away once I arrive.
Despite being incredibly confused as Mina drew heavily on convoluted plot lines established in the first two books, the sheer brazen fabulousness that is Paddy Meehan drew me headlong into the story.
With 320,000 spectators and 4,500 participants decked out in nearly 14 miles of fabric, this year's spectacle was a pitch-perfect intersection of dance, music, fun, and fabulousness.
She stars as Valerie Cherish, an actress who achieved stardom a decade ago in a relatively short-lived sitcom, and is attempting to reassert her fabulousness to a disinterested new generation in ``Room and Bored,'' an obviously awful sitcom on a network that suggests UPN at its crassest (its reality programming, including a show in which couples maim one another, is abysmal, a joke that, due to the vicissitudes of network TV, is already old hat).
But that's far from the whole story: There's fabulousness here, too.
Then, apparently exhausted from the fabulousness of the as-yet-unseen device, Matty sighed loudly and flopped into the middle of the couch.