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a person who tells or invents fables

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The buzzy look at the lit fabulist was the first docu bought by Amazon, which intends to aggressively build up its catalogue offerings.
It is, at once, an antireligious tale of apocalypse, and, chillingly, a fabulist version of our own times.
Gamboni takes Gauguin seriously, not only as an artist or a fabulist, but as an intellectual.
The foxes in fables always move crooked; so says the fabulist.
He is a fabulist (he has been called ''the Garden State's Mother Goose'') given to asserting as facts various self-aggrandizing figments of his imagination (e.
Jaffe also operates in metafictive, fabulist, and allegorical modes.
Gabo changed everything for me as I began to vibe with his fabulist world which was so rich with native wisdom.
A persistent fabulist who exaggerated to an almost inconceivable extent, he was unfaithful to his several wives (some simultaneously), aloof and distant from most of his colleagues, and crossed over into outright criminality involving an arms-running scheme.
In The Facades, fabulist author Eric Lundgren has created an imaginary urban environment that includes a missing opera singer, an evangelist preacher, and a police detective named The Oracle.
Something of a fabulist, Abatcha mingles tales of sentient animals and humans in order to convey morals of tolerance and social solidarity.
is a fabulist and surreal tale of meat, murder, and mayhem.
Dedicated in part to George Psalmanazar, a European fabulist who lived in the seventeenth century and claimed to be a native of Formosa, the museum illustrates the apocryphal descriptions of savagery that fill Psalmanazar's Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa.
If Souza's art is rich in suggestions, like a wanton fabulist, Anjolie Ela Menon, in her Raphaelite renditions of the Brahmin and the young maiden, brings a definitive aesthetic to play upon the conventional image.
BIG FISH The multifaceted Susan Stroman will direct and choreograph Andrew Lippa's musical version of the story--or, more properly, the stories-of Edward Bloom, the fabulist hero of the Daniel Wallace novel and Tim Burton movie of the same name.
The true story of Louis de Rougemont has been extensively explored in texts for adults, such as The Fabulist by Rod Howard (Random House, 2006).