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a person who tells or invents fables

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liminal status as neither child nor adult, the teen fabulist figure is typically exempted .
The New York Times ran its first major piece about its own fabulist, Jayson Blair, nearly two weeks after Howard Kurtz broke the story in the Washington Post--see "All About the Retrospect," June 2003.
After plunging into the dark, unknown sea (to use Calvino's own metaphor) of the oral tradition through the transcribed texts of Pitre, Nerucci, Comparetti, and others, Calvino emerged with a desire to describe the unsuspected sights he had come upon and acquired a new identity as a fabulist and "demo-psychologist" (FI 9).
To buy this notion, must one cleave to the fabulist idea that everything people post on personal pages is awash in verisimilitude?
His three executors struggle to do Cornish's posthumous bidding under a thick vapour of their own desires--something the crafty Cornish, revealed later to be a master forger and fabulist, surely intended.
They are only glancingly fabulist and tenuously linked to Ulrich's experiences.
The temptation is to write Huneker off as a journalistic fabulist, given his habitual style and because he provides no source for the attribution.
Her important work as an editor has done much to introduce this tradition to sf authors and fans: Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction (2001), Mojo: Conjure Stories (2003), and So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction and Fantasy (2004) are path-breaking anthologies that have infused the genre with invigorating new strains of energy.
An all-ages play about a fast-talking British fabulist and a one-woman show by a Korean-American actress open on area stages in the coming week.
It is, nevertheless, a highly enjoyable read, mostly because Smith is lyrical and playful, combining a forward-moving, realist tending plot with stray zephyrs of fabulist humor.
Anticipating her later multi-layered, fabulist works, Dust Commander destabilizes the way a naturalistic theatre conceives of and represents time, history, and memory through linear plots that lead to irrevocable climaxes.
Likewise, he does not sufficiently distinguish between White's fabulist fiction--including also 1978's Nocturnes for the King of Naples, misleadingly described as "self-avowedly autobiographical," and Caracole--and his auto-fiction, which began with A Boy's Own Story.
The Argentinean fabulist, Jorge Luis Borges, he notes, believed that the British were peculiarly addicted to unreality.
But this "accidental" inventive explanation put the young fabulist on a roll.