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Synonyms for fabricator

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for fabricator

someone who tells lies

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Deliverables generated by PV Fabricator include 2D layout and detail drawings, bills of material tables, nozzle schedules, weld details, title block, nameplate, notes and any other annotation that may be needed for deliverables.
When errors are found, days can be wasted correcting those errors and getting a new data package to the fabricator.
Airtronics Metal Products also will be featured on the cover and as the cover story in the February 2012 issue of The FABRICATOR, North America's leading magazine for the metal forming and fabricating industry.
Some of these same people have also seen improvements in their relationship with a given fabricator, with better communication and less conflict when problems are identified.
Men of Steel Rebar Fabricators has been recognized as the 6th fastest growing privately held companies in the Philadelphia region.
A myriad of factors go into PCB pricing, so it's best to know if the fabricator can meet cost goals before you invest time and money checking quality or visiting facilities.
This makes it clear to the fabricator that it can smooth geometry, perform edge compensation, etc.
Granite Shield is located in 45 states and in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with 80 authorized applicators, 45 are granite fabricators.
the "Company") today announced the appointment of Larry Verzwyvelt as president of Universal Fabricators, LLC, the Company's largest operating subsidiary.
To become members, fabricators must agree to uphold the ISSFA Fabricator Code of Ethics, provide a copy of their certificate of insurance, and be sponsored into the association by a member in good standing.
The remaining 16% work for merchant and captive PCB fabricators, or are consultants, educators or other design supply-chain members.
Trump Iron Works will now be nominated for the "2003 Project of the Year" award with three other North American steel fabricator members.
is a custom fabricator for oil and gas production equipment, structural weldment fabrication and ASME Code pressure vessel fabrication.
PPG Industries has launched the PPG Glass Fabricator Locator tool on PPGIdeaScapes.