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Synonyms for fabricator

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for fabricator

someone who tells lies

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An AISC fabricator is often entrusted with large public service and institutional buildings, heavy manufacturing plants, powerhouses, metal producing/rolling buildings, stadiums, auditoriums, high-rise buildings, and chemical and petrochemical plants.
RSW also holds the distinction of being the very first stone fabricator in the state to achieve accreditation.
NORTHBRIDGE -- When Woonsocket Glass Fabricators becomes fully operational in July at its new location in Whitinsville, it will bring with it a nearly 60-year tradition of providing quality products and customer service while expanding its investment in technology and its reach.
Verify with the expected fabricator the availability and their process limits.
The Tweco Fabricator 141i uses advanced technology that provides many exceptional benefits compared to older conventional MIG-only welders:
The Tweco Fabricator 141i uses advanced technology that provides many benefits compared to older conventional MIG-only welders, product engineers contend, including multi-process welding output, allowing users to select among MIG, Stick, or TIG, based on the best process for a particular project or application; easy-to-use features and arc performance helping beginners learn to weld like a pro; portability, weighing just under 33 lbs.
Weldwide Solutions launches a range of pipe alignment tools for fabricators to contribute towards perfect alignment of internal pipe bores that helps fabricators to weld pipes and achieve a uniform weld profile.
In military programs specifically, suppliers have learned that in order to be considered for production work, fabricators must be able to provide quickturn, early user hardware/prototype boards.
He says one Sudbury fabricator is booked with domestic work until next August while a mine engineering firm has enough work to last for the next four years.
Less labor for the fabricator means that contractors get the product more quickly.
Both the designer and the fabricator are involved at the cutting edge of technology and manufacturing, and they are often the first to experience the future of electronics.
One such metal fabricator, Tri-State Fabricators, realized a total productivity package with the installation of an orbital stretch wrap system, designed to cost-effectively and reliably secure irregular or odd-shaped loads without bands.
The profile of the average fabricator of large plate and sheets is varied, including ship building, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, food processing, industrial machinery, and transportation industries.
The fabricator should have all necessary fixtures and appliances to work on-site so that he or she can avoid costly mistakes.