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Synonyms for fabricated

formed or conceived by the imagination

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The man's tunic appeared to have been fabricated upon a loom--it was certainly not made of skins, while the garments that covered his legs were quite as evidently made from the hides of rodents.
This tale was originally fabricated as a means of annoyance against one who hurt your trade and half cudgelled you to death, and to enable you to obtain repossession of a half-dead drudge, whom you wished to regain, because, while you wreaked your vengeance on him for his share in the business, you knew that the knowledge that he was again in your power would be the best punishment you could inflict upon your enemy.
The general conviction of scholars of the present day is that while Macpherson may have found some fragments of very ancient Gaelic verse in circulation among the Highlanders, he fabricated most of what he published.
Looking back on the past six months, Margaret realized the chaotic nature of our daily life, and its difference from the orderly sequence that has been fabricated by historians.
Douglas and Barker are both in a conspiracy to conceal something; that they aided the murderer's escape--or at least that they reached the room before he escaped--and that they fabricated evidence of his escape through the window, whereas in all probability they had themselves let him go by lowering the bridge.
THE CE Marking of all fabricated steel used in construction becomes mandatory next year and businesses in Wales are being encouraged to attend a free seminar to ensure they are up to speed.
For the purpose of this article, fabricated metal, machinery and equipment industries group has been selected for more in-depth analysis.
AIST has confirmed that the fabricated tags are highly response to RF signals at a range of frequencies between 5 and 40 MHz.
Fabricated Division to Provide New Steel Grid Bridge Decking for Manhattan Bridge
As a means of coding and identifying these fabricated members, American Bridge used a traditional industry method of hand stenciling (stamping) to mark every primary and secondary member.
While typically used in safety-critical applications of harsh, demanding environments to carry significant loads, they are welded into a fabricated structure.
The sensor was fabricated by a silicon micromachining process and then anodically bonded to a glass plate for sealing and for providing inlet and outlet fluid ports.
Fabricated by Steel Window Service and Supplies, the original front bay windows were surveyed before being removed.
Electron and hole mobility enhancements were confirmed in MOSFETs fabricated on SSDOI.