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Synonyms for fabled

Synonyms for fabled

celebrated in fable or legend


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That I should have lived to witness the reality of the fabled Carrion Caves
And ever since that long-gone day have the dead of this fabled land been carried to the Carrion Caves, that in death and decay they might serve their country and warn away invading enemies.
For Raleigh promised, if he were set free, to seek once more the fabled Golden City, and this time he swore to find it and bring home treasure untold to his master the King.
When Buck earned sixteen hundred dollars in five minutes for John Thornton, he made it possible for his master to pay off certain debts and to journey with his partners into the East after a fabled lost mine, the history of which was as old as the history of the country.
it was that fabled sixth sense which conveyed to him the loom and feel of an object close at hand.
I could well understand the story of the Water Kelpie, that demon of the streams, who is fabled to keep wailing and roaring at the ford until the coming of the doomed traveller.
If she had been possessed of the old fabled influence, and had turned those who looked upon her into stone, she could not have rendered him more completely powerless (so it seemed to him in his distress of mind) than she did, when she turned her unyielding face to his in her gloomy room.
Feeling, no doubt, that simplicity and plainness are the soul of elegance, Miss Brass wore no collar or kerchief except upon her head, which was invariably ornamented with a brown gauze scarf, like the wing of the fabled vampire, and which, twisted into any form that happened to suggest itself, formed an easy and graceful head-dress.
In "Discourse for Stanley Rosen," he advises himself not to wreck a good phrase for the sake of clear sense and that the phrase should be granted "its dark places, the fabled burden" In The Orchards of Syon IX, he invokes Milton's power of invention with the word "haemony," "from some remote / and gracious fable.
He is appreciated for his teachings and his advocacy of the poor and the rejected, not for his fabled metaphysical beginning or his fabled metaphysical, indeterminate end.
The fabled Willa Mae Beede, offspring of the hard-luck Beede clan of Durham County, was a white-looking, flee-spirited blues singer and part-time grifter who showed up in Lincoln where her brother and his wife had settled.
He'd found the fabled Egyptian coastal city of Herakleion, which sunk more than 1,300 years ago.
With Times Square now transformed into a wholesome family theme park that has no room for lovable mugs and floozies and thus no need for soul-saving "mission dolls," "Guys and Dolls: The Fabled Musical of Broadway" will be a trip down Memory Lane in more ways than one.
All eight miles of the fabled stretch of Pacific shoreline have been deemed off limits.
In Montreal, the fabled Canadiens struggle and it's a civic crisis.