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Synonyms for fabled

Synonyms for fabled

celebrated in fable or legend


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For Raleigh promised, if he were set free, to seek once more the fabled Golden City, and this time he swore to find it and bring home treasure untold to his master the King.
That I should have lived to witness the reality of the fabled Carrion Caves
And ever since that long-gone day have the dead of this fabled land been carried to the Carrion Caves, that in death and decay they might serve their country and warn away invading enemies.
The fabled Willa Mae Beede, offspring of the hard-luck Beede clan of Durham County, was a white-looking, flee-spirited blues singer and part-time grifter who showed up in Lincoln where her brother and his wife had settled.
All eight miles of the fabled stretch of Pacific shoreline have been deemed off limits.
Premiered in 1909 at the debut of the Diaghilev incarnation of this fabled company, Mickel Fokine's spectacle is a pastiche of Warriors, Female Slaves, athletic Young Boys, and a harem of nubile Polovtsian Girls, decorating the familiar melodies (remember Broodway's Kismet?