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Synonyms for fab

extremely pleasing


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And in the middle is self-made Scottish businessman David Hendry, who Pete wants to head the expanding business and who Robby, Riccy and Fabby see as an outsider.
BACK in the Seventies, women were promised they would have it all - the kids, the relationship and the fabby dabby dozy career.
He has a fabby job with free nosh from a big catering truck and a monthly paycheck that would solve all Livingston FC's money worries in a stroke.
Chris Fabby, Unison's national young members officer, said, "Better off students get to stay in the nice accommodation while the less well-off students are being pushed into the private rental market or lower standard accommodation.
Fabby, a Waxahachie Republican trying to unseat incumbent state Rep.
LCDR Fabby served as Supply Officer in USS Coronado (AGF 11) prior to his NATO assignment.
Still in Boots, we couldn't help but show you this fabby Pre-Holiday Body Exfoliator (pounds 5.
I have been driving back and forth over the last week and will be for a while because I'm rehearsing a play called Two, which is set in a pub with the landlady and landlord played by me and my dear chum and fabby actor Andy Gray.
Fabby and John Wray, for example, and the Senate District 2 contest between state Sen.
LCDR James Fabby from NAVAIR to JCC-I, Contracting Officer LT Michael Farrar, Reservist to GSU, Herat, Afghanistan, ETT SK2 Jacquelyn Fink, Reservist from SSB2 Quincy, Mass.
It's Jessica Garlick, ex Pop Idol and Eurovision, and fabby fab Welsh girl.
Last year's appointment of millionaire entrepreneur David Hendry as the first outsider to head the firm in 60 years, provoked a major family split with brothers Riccy, Robby and Fabby on one side and their cousins Aldo and Pete on the other.
As a matter of fact, a few of the Supply Corps officers serving in Iraq are on their second tour, such as LCDR Rick Fabby who shared his personal feeling on the myth.
n Practice getting ready - that means full make-up and co-ordinated fabby outfits - in the dark, while running and checking for baddies behind you and also while driving over speed bumps.
Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy crossed the Channel and he did it with no in-flight movie, no indulgent wee glass of vino from the bar, no blissful hour of escapism with a Jackie Collins bonkbuster and no space to pack those three fabby sarongs that were on sale at Matalan.