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Synonyms for fab

Synonyms for fab

extremely pleasing


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AMD Fab 30 employees have flawlessly executed an aggressive production ramp while achieving exceptional results," said Hans Deppe, vice president and general manager, Fab 30.
The new 56nm flash will be produced initially at Fab 3, the first 300mm wafer facility that SanDisk and Toshiba opened in 2005.
With these additional investments as well as amounts to be received under the agreement with Macronix and similar agreements announced earlier this year with SanDisk Corporation and Alliance Semiconductor, Tower has obtained commitments for the funding of $300 million in equity financing required to begin the construction of the new fab.
The Tainan Science Park Fab 12A began production in 2000 as Taiwan's first 300mm fab, while the new fab's construction begins as our new R&D headquarters is being completed.
Providing key functions to improve overall fab effectiveness, the FAB300 2.
During the last decade, AMD's Fab 30 has developed a reputation as one of the semiconductor industry's most efficient manufacturing facilities.
With a proven track record of customer-centric innovation, I look forward to joining the AMD team and ensuring that Fab 30, and later Fab 38, stay at the forefront of microprocessor manufacturing for years to come.
Complementing Infineon's existing power semiconductor production sites in Europe, the Kulim plant is part of Infineon's Power fab network, which includes development and production facilities in Villach (Austria) and Regensburg (Germany).
In its just published Quarterly Fab Report(TM), Strategic Marketing Associates (SMA) forecasts 35 new wafer fabs will begin to ramp the industry's monthly capacity to a new high next year.