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the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system

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For a given solar concentration ratio, what f-number makes the cooker most tolerant to misalignment?
Optical simulations have shown that the mirrors would need to be at least 12 millimeters in diameter in order to produce a zoom objective with a sufficient f-number.
With most fixed-focus lenses, it is not possible to change the lens f-number (F/#) in low-light conditions or with small pixel sizes when trying to obtain high-resolution images.
The resulting f-number is inversely related to the eyes ability to admit light (Land 1985).
Extended integration on chip up to 15 field periods gives high sensitivity for low-light and higher F-number zoom lenses, while-the optional remote control and on-screen display make for convenient set up in the field.
The optical speed or f-number (f) of the pinhole lens is important for the successful implementation of a covert camera system.
It is easily re-imaged due to the long working distance and slow optical F-number.
The aperture or f-number, also called f-stop, is equal to the distance between the lens and the focal point divided by the effective diameter of the lens.
6,416,164) entitled "Acoustic Ejection of Fluids Using Large F-number Focusing Elements".