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Synonyms for eyewitness

someone who sees something occur

Words related to eyewitness

a spectator who can describe what happened

be present at an event and see it with one's own eyes

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Forensic Applications of Line-Up Research, in PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES IN EYEWITNESS IDENTIFICATIONS 205, 208 (Siegfried Ludwig Sporer et al.
101) Naturally, in the few cases where they are necessary, all procedural safeguards possible--given the suggestive nature of a show-up procedure--should be afforded; including giving the eyewitness cautionary instructions, and documenting every part of the procedure.
Another eyewitness from the al-Saydiya neighborhood, western Baghdad, said that army forces have sealed off the area without knowing the reasons.
The eyewitness saw an officer point his rifle extremely close to Jilani's head, and then the eyewitness heard a shot ring out.
DK have just added four new titles to the Eyewitness series, along with new editions of 12 best-selling titles.
Currently, 18 states have passed legislation to study or regulate eyewitness identification procedures.
Another eyewitness claimed that 800 worshippers were present inside the imambargah at the time of attack.
The debate will be moderated by Eyewitness News Anchor/Reporter Kathy Brock and will be streamed live at 7:00 PM on abc7chicago.
The eyewitness said he was not sure as to why he (Wilungbou) jumped into the drain.
courts and legislatures are slowly shifting away from using eyewitness testimony as the gold standard of evidence.
He added that the eyewitness was buying vegetables at the time of the murder of the private tv correspondent.
com)-- ABC11 Eyewitness News has announced the launch of its seamless, real-time breaking news alerts on all ABC11 viewing platforms, adding television broadcasts to the mix of its existing platforms such as text messages, email, mobile apps, ABC11.
Mistaken eyewitness identification is one of the leading causes of wrongful conviction.
Another eyewitness said more than a dozen could have perished in the accident.
Flowing from the work of the Florida Innocence Commission, the Florida Supreme Court issued a per curiam opinion November 12 adopting a new jury instruction on eyewitness identification.