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a tiredness of the eyes caused by prolonged close work by a person with an uncorrected vision problem

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Even the imperceptible flicker of the fluorescents can be a source of stress and eyestrain.
Poor posture, for example, lying down on your side can also contribute to eyestrain.
In addition, the Adora20 also supports Less Blue Light technology - with as much as 75% blue light reduction - combined with the MSI exclusively-developed ScenaMax image optimization software to effectively reduce the screen s Blue light emission; significantly reducing harmful eyestrain and protecting users eye sight.
The main cause of eyestrain is thought to be fatigue of ciliary and extraocular muscle due to prolonged accommodation and vergence required by near vision work.
Lighting: Reduce eyestrain by avoiding sun glare and providing adequate light at the workstation.
Therefore, with near vision demands or computer work, accommodation lags and fails to fully relax, thereby causing blurred vision and/ or eyestrain in the person.
Eyestrain is neither a medical term nor a diagnosis.
Lee, Cardiff AIT'S not known to cause blindness but it can cause eyestrain, blurred vision and dry eyes - symptoms of computer vision syndrome.
Like when wearing glasses, some people may feel eyestrain or get a headache.
0, Conqueror MAG helps add clarity to details, thus reducing eyestrain and improving wear compliance.
To prevent eyestrain, the device's scan angle minimizes screen glare and provides high readability under varying lighting conditions.
They can also cause muscle and joint problems and eyestrain.
Dr Howarth added: "Although people have reported experiencing symptoms when watching 3D content, specifically headaches and eyestrain, there have been no studies which have detected any permanent damage caused as a result of 3D.
Benefits include less eyestrain and glare from reflections; less risk of skin and eye damage resulting from UV and HEV light; and increased ability to perceive colors in the lighted environment.
Symptoms include blurry vision from focusing difficulties, dryness and irritation of the eyes, headache due to eyestrain, and even neck and back pain from adopting bad posture to better see the computer screen.