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an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies)


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To examine the mechanisms that give rise to eyespot effects, we designed a randomized experiment imbedded in an online survey about politics.
When CRISPR/Cas9 knocks out Distal-less, more and bigger eyespots appear, the researchers reported in June in Nature Communications.
Turner AS, Nicholson P, Edwards SG, Bateman GL, Morgan LW, Todd AD, Parry DW, Marshall J and M Nuttall Evaluation of diagnostic and quantitative PCR for the identification and severity assessment of eyespot and sharp eyespot in winter wheat.
Somaclonal variation and eyespot toxin tolerance in sugarcane.
3) Although the poet does not name a particular species of butterfly, the blue eyespots suggest that she may be thinking of the Mourning Cloak, a common North American variety whose wings are decorated with round blue markings.
Take-all, foot-rot, eyespot, black rust, yellow rust, mildew, even a bit of loose smut and I don't mean dirty jokes or comments either.
But, he believes the newfound type of eyespot is unique to the coral-dwelling life-forms.
So reef butterfly fish, angelfish, spadefish and porkfish attempt to hide their eyes with a vertical black bar, and often put a fake eyespot near their tails.
However, significantly increased levels of prochloraz resistance have been detected in some populations of the cereal eyespot pathogen in France and New Zealand (Dyer et al, 2000).
Eyespot immediately before forewing discal cell end absent in Eunogyra and Perophthalma?
MANAGING take-all, rusts, mildew and eyespot in winter wheat are some of the topics to be covered in the Home Grown Cereals Authority's January workshops on disease management in cereals.
1), and was distinguished from a similar genus (Glenodinium) by the absence of an eyespot (Ehrenberg 1830, 1838).
The pulsing vacuole that connects to the flagellar pore of the transversal flagellum is reddish and looks like an eyespot.
Each one of these components has a function: the flagellum is a whip-like tail that enables the euglena to move around; the eyespot is light/dark sensitive so that the euglena can move toward sunlight, its food source; vacuoles allow for wastes to be disposed; chloroplasts transform sunlight to energy and food; plastids store the food; the cell nucleus contains a nucleolus that synthesizes and encodes ribosomal RNA , which is important for euglena structure and reproduction.
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