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an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies)


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Four other types of dinoflagellates-one-celled aquatic organisms that include zooxanthellae-have eyespots, according to Koike.
EyeSpot will present a donation to George Chryssis, President of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and its Opticianry program dedicated to educating students in optical technology, as well as to the Roberta and Stephen Weiner Department of Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), which advances research in vision science and supports the medical humanities.
In addition to the overall body size difference, differences in morphometry of anatomic organs occurred between small and large settlers, including size of eyespot, foot, adductor muscles, and gill bud or filaments (Fig.
It has the latest information on activity ratings against diseases such as eyespot, yellow and brown rust and septoria tritici.
EyeSpot announces the opening of its flagship retail store at the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center located on Route 9 West.
Dorsal tubular ducts present in a submarginal row, with 10-15 between eyespots, and (on each side) 6-11 between eyespots and anterior stigmatic cleft, 6-8 between clefts and 5-10 along anterior abdominal submargin; also with an anterior radial line from near each eyespot and another in about abdominal segment IV, each with 6-8 ducts; plus a pair of partial submedian bands extending from anterior plates anteriorly, each with about 7 or 8 ducts.
He says that butterflies can flash hidden eyespot on their forewings to confuse predators and give themselves time to escape.
Underlining the increasing precision growers are putting into second wheats, proven performance and eyespot resistance are the other selection criteria considered important by more than half the growers.
The eyespot was black and ovoid, and 22 [+ or -] 5 [micro]m in its longest diameter (n = 20; Fig.
Studying the larvae of the marine ragworm Platynereis dumerilii, the scientists found that a nerve connects the photoreceptor cell of the eyespot and the cells that bring about the swimming motion of the larvae.
However, almost half (40%) of our sample exhibited variation in eyespot and/or ocelli presence and pigmentation.
The stem base provides the foundation for the whole plant, says Syngenta technical manager David Ranner, but mild weather has provided ideal conditions for infections of eyespot.
But they also report additional work suggesting a new explanation for why peahens sometimes don't appear to care about eyespot number.
A number of diseases are associated with this excessive growth ( mainly Septoria tritici, mildew and brown rust ( with eyespot also beginning to appear.
a leading enterprise-scale social media platform provider, today announced it is offering enterprise customers transitioning from Eyespot a feature-rich and cost-effective solution for their online video and social media communities.