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something very ugly and offensive

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Dewsbury Forward has been formed by members of Dewsbury Chamber of Trade, Dewsbury Rotary Club and Dewsbury Market Traders' Association to press for town centre eyesores to be cleaned up in anticipation of the new investment coming to town in 2018.
HOW long must we suffer the eyesore on Linthorpe Road, the main thoroughfare of the town?
As a member of volunteer groups trying to deal with coastal type issues, I am aware of the inputs of councillors, and council staff to remove eyesores.
I DON''T see as much of Wales as your correspondent Richard Morris does who wrote the letter 'This is the biggest eyesore in Wales'' (28th August), which he says he passes twice every Wednesday.
SIR - When I saw your front page photo of the dilapidated Little Bulmore Farmhouse, (July 9) my initial reaction was to agree with Sir Terry Matthews and others who consider it an eyesore in need of removal.
BIRMINGHAM residents have voted the city's motorways network as their biggest local eyesore.
Battersea Power Station, the Angel of the North and the Millennium Dome also featured high up the list of Britain's eyesores, along with motorways, service stations, wind farms and electricity pylons.
The award-winning sculpture beside the A1 came ninth in a poll of our top 10 eyesores - ahead of Rugby Cement Works.
We will not stand back and allow property owners to ignore their responsibilities and impact on our neighbourhoods by allowing their premises to become eyesores.
Our history with such brownfield projects as The Watertown Arsenal, a former site that manufacturer ammunitions for the US Army in Massachusetts and Millennium, a former Alcoa paper plant in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania are examples of how cooperative relationships with state and local officials paved the way to convert local eyesores into beautiful, tax-generating centers of activity.
In 90 days, Egurbide vowed during a neighborhood tour this week, these eyesores will be gone.
I ENJOYED the Sunday Mercury article on Midland eyesores.
Since the council has put charges on items to be dumped the number of settees, old beds, tables and chairs making eyesores to the district.
One of the reasons they were allowed to install these eyesores I would imagine is that they created "local" jobs.
They need all the help they can get, and that doesn't include crumbling eyesores in a prime spot.