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makeup consisting of a cosmetic substance used to darken the eyes

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Dior 5-Colours Iridescent Eyeshadow in Electric Lights pounds 34.
uk EVEN though it's a powder, this eyeshadow is so dense it feels almost like a cream.
MAC's Christmas campaign "Divine Night" is all about art deco-style meets 70s chic, a collection of deep shaded eyeshadows and dark strong lips.
Blink your eyes together hard a few times to move the pencil around then take a soft eyeshadow brush and blend the pencil up and around the eye to create a modern, smoky look.
The pinky tone brightened my eyes as well as priming them for eyeshadow, which looked smooth and intense over the top.
TIP Apply concealer after your eyeshadow so that any glitter lost can then be cleaned up.
The New LUXIVAA Lasting Cream Eyeshadow saves money and application time as it blends easily, can be worn alone or as a base to lengthen the wear of other shadows.
Use the white from the Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Black Moon, pounds 21 from Boots, as a base.
Here's a selection of our favourite beauty products: Bourjois eyeshadow pot in violet absolu, pounds 5.
Natural Powder Eyeshadow Trio - Sky Light, Deep Forest and Sienna Earth ($14.
In particular, growth in the segments for mascara and eyeshadow will be remarkable.
Priced pounds 22, the Little Black Book contains two blushes, an eyeshadow base, two matt eyeshadows, a shimmery shadow and a wet/dry eyeliner.