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Synonyms for eyeshade

a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes

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And beyond the green eyeshade, the CPA may wear any number of hats--auditor, accountant, corporate or personal financial planner, business and management consultant, maybe management information specialist, perhaps manager of the employee benefit plan.
He maintains the Green Eyeshade blog at the conservative Web hub Townhall.
To get a sharper picture, we need to enter the green eyeshade world of grants-in-aid, block grants, categorical grants, entitlements, clawbacks and trust funds.
Tim Mulligan, publisher of The Eyeshade Report, a newsletter that reports on publicly traded companies, wrote an article that was very critical of Matrixx Initiatives Inc.
Over here we've got the green eyeshade pulled down low, the spectacles focused on the numbers, glasses unfogged by emotion.
Which shows that a chap's sensitivity is indeed skin deep and the only way to really tell whether he is in love is to ask a girl to wash off all her foundation, powder and eyeshade and appear with her face totally nude.
Or maybe he's still as sharp as a whip and no older at 74 than some people are at 54, and has no plan beyond having his stooges hire whoever is the next sagest guy in the world on the day he hangs up his eyeshade.
As she eats an airline dinner and dons an eyeshade, her doppelganger finally reaches the precinct of the maternal room, symbolically becoming her own Mother.
Wearing a clerk's eyeshade, dress shirt and neatly knotted necktie, he looks like a character out of a Rod Serling story.
7 captured honors at the 54th Annual Green Eyeshade Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.
It also can produce documentaries, such as "Survivors: A World War II Documentary," which earned Moore and host Roby Brock first place in the TV news documentary category at the 51st Annual Green Eyeshade Excellence in Journalism Awards.
An Abbott Labs accountant put it this way: "I think that accounting has kind of the green eyeshade aura about it and that a lot of people, myself included, think that the work we do is broader than just accounting.
Would the classic stereotype of the green eyeshade professional be an asset in the executive suite today of a complex number-driven mortgage company?
At this point, the average lawyer might go foraging for parchment, a quill pen, green eyeshade, and a high stool and desk from which to compose a "Motion for Extension of Time to Print Out and File My Brief.
Today's highly-charged regulatory atmosphere can turn baling errors into legal baffles, at the drop of an eyeshade