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combination of lenses at the viewing end of optical instruments

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Delivery of appropriate parameters specified in the documentation eyepieces.
However, the eyepiece is interchangeable, so it's only a matter of time before additional magnification ranges are available.
The larger eyepieces increase the field of view 16 percent on the 8-power model, and 8 percent on the 10- ad 12-power models.
In a similar push to computerize scopes, Nikon has developed a microscope with a digital camera but no eyepieces.
Simon Dawes' letter in the October Journal (120(5), 322) regarding a low power eyepiece recalls a topic discussed before.
While the fixed power eyepieces offer huge FOVs and extremely bright images, nothing beats the versatility of a variable.
This model includes 4XD, 10XD and 40XRD objectives and has a 45-degree dual view head with two eyepieces, so a teacher and student or two students can view a specimen simultaneously.
The LYNX(r) stereo-zoom microscope features one large viewing area (120X) rather than eyepieces.
25" interchangeable eyepieces, multiple powers augmented by a 1.
Zoom eyepieces have a wide range of powers built in, so you can scan the ocean at 15x or so, then zoom in to maybe 45x to get a better look at a whale or an otter.
manufacturer of display systems for mobile consumer and military applications, today announced it has received a $27M follow-on production order of eyepieces for the U.
Contract notice: Sale and purchase agreement to acquire eyepieces.
The Plus series is available with 60mm or 80mm objective lens, 15-45x or 20-60x and straight or 45~degree angled eyepieces.
At low power, zoom eyepieces give you a wide field of view for initial scanning, and, then, at higher power, allow you to dial in for greater detail.
Two eyepieces are currently available for their new models, a fixed 30x wide angle and a 20-60x variable.