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Synonyms for eyepatch

a protective cloth covering for an injured eye


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As a youngster in the Boer War he was shot in the stomach and the groin and when seconded to the Somaliland Camel Corps early in the first world war he was shot in the face and ever after wore a black eyepatch over his empty left eye socket.
into her eyepatch of asphalt, & I was happy to park there, For
The Irish Cyclops, as he was known for wearing a black eyepatch, was the Old Master of diametrically different landscapes, lush in the love story shot in Mayo and dusty in the Westerns shot in Monument Valley.
Ponsonby was easily recruited, black eyepatch and all, angered by what Nick had to tell him and spoiling for some fun and a holiday from his family.
The impressive haul was amassed by Sydney Cumbers, who became known as Long John Silver because he wore an eyepatch to cover an eye lost in a childhood accident.
The matador will wear a black eyepatch when he faces off in the arena against a half-tonne bull in Olienza, southwest of Madrid and near the border with Portugal.
Colvin was instantly recognisable for an eyepatch worn after being injured covering conflicts in Sri Lanka in 2001.
I remember saying to the doorman 'If Lord Westwood', who was the chairman of the club and wore an eyepatch, 'can get in with no eye - he can get in with no tie'.
The company said that it intends to create a complete library of digital media which combines touchscreen technology available on the iPhone, eyepatch, iPad and Android mobile devices, with intellectual property from celebrities and bestselling childrena[euro](tm)s authors and illustrators.
Even Scarygirl is freaky with her missing arm, hook hand, sewn on smile and eyepatch.
71 Eyepatch by Exhibitionist NYG, price upon request (exhibitionistnyc.
A shield and eyepatch were placed over the eye and the patient was discharged at approximately 2 p.
His eyepatch and swinging cutlass suggests he's Puss in Boots meets Captain Jack, but his behaviour is a bit too much Cristiano Ronaldo on a bad day.
when Moishe Dayan, the Prime Minister of Israel, stands up in front of parliament or on TV with an eyepatch over his empty eyesocket, nobody tells him to go get a glass eye, or that he is bad for the morale of the office.
It even sports a unique sign with a cheeky caricature of a jolly jack tar with a rodent's head and eyepatch, dancing the hornpipe.