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makeup applied to emphasize the shape of the eyes

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ALTHOUGH a little expensive for my liking, this eyeliner is a work of wonder
Just don't use thick eyeliner, as it's too heavy and too dramatic-looking,'' she cautioned.
It doesn't matter how many tutorials you watch on creating the perfect eyeliner flick, it's all down to practice.
Blend brown and gold with Chanel's Professional Eyeliner Duo out this month and costing pounds 25.
Not only does SPINLASH(TM) gently rotate to remove clumps, coat and separate with every turn, it also applies a liquid line of eyeliner.
I love liquid eyeliner, but every time I try to apply it I make a mess and have to take it off again.
Bourjois Liner Stylo Eyeliner in Brun, $11, sephora.
Give your hard stare a little more hit with new Extremeyes mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner from Pupa.
For this club scene, you'd also wear Vamp nail polish, liquid eyeliner, and put your hair up in an `I Dream of Jeannie' ponytail, or slicked back like the bondage look.
Chameleon Glow in Shuffle The Cards, PS9 @ Topshop For that flawless flick of eyeliner, a pen with a firm nib makes the job easy, letting you get right into the lash line.
The bigger, brighter and bolder the better and eyeliner is a MUST.
MNPE pounds 5 Maybelline NY Master Precise Eyeliner, pounds 5.
Most go for eyeliner or they have their eyebrows defined if they're blond or filled in if they have a scar through them.