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suggesting an eye or eyes

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Some skates are tricky to identify but the cuckoo's distinctive black and yellow eyelike ring on each wing is an easy marker.
The more eyelike features didn't prove important in scaring birds away his experiments.
Knowing this, it is tempting to see the repetitive nature of some of the drawings--I'm speaking both of repetition within each drawing as well as from drawing to drawing--as obsessive, the staring central eyelike forms as evidence of paranoia.
A similar mechanism may paint the eyelike spots on some butterfly wings, using proteins called Distal-less and Notch instead of Wingless.
Named after a diminutive brass sculpture by Max Ernst, Deux Assistants, 1967, in which two comically abstract figures look upward with bulging eyes as if in fawning deference to their creator, these works likewise allow for a playful, cartoonish encounter, the eyelike confetti seeming to return the viewer's gaze.
From the eyelike opening of a gilded cube in the center of the space, a forty-minute version is projected onto an exterior wall.
However, beginning some 40 years ago, Lev Fishelson of Tel Aviv University occasionally found immature members of the Red Sea population that were sporting fringed or feather-shaped tentacles that were emblazoned with eyelike dots.
Newborns' preference for direct eye contact stems from an innate capacity for recognizing a simple facial configuration of two eyelike "blobs" situated above a mouth-like "blob," Farroni theorizes.
To detect dim light, the bees use three eyelike organs called ocelli, which nestle among the hairs atop their head.