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Synonyms for eyelet

a small hole (usually round and finished around the edges) in cloth or leather for the passage of a cord or hook or bar

fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

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Eyelet jacket PS13,000 Givenchy STEAL STEAL Monochrome onochrome eyelet jacket PS49 very.
However, it seems that the George Tucker Eyelet Company remained a distinct entity within BUMC even after Tucker himself left in 1908 to begin a separate venture in London.
Just remove the old clamp, snip off the wire eyelet if there is one, and fit the wire into the new clamp.
I REALLY like eyelet curtain tops but I also like to make my own curtains.
TRY Idol at New Look fitted biker with eyelet lapels, pounds 55; Warehouse studded bustier dress, pounds 100; ASOS studded jersey mini skirt, pounds 20 GRAFFITI ARTIST Spray painting in public places may be a criminal offence, but distressed prints are an expressive statement on clothing this season.
Theatrical window dressing: Faux silk stripe eyelet lined curtains pounds 50-pounds 90, Next.
After you have tacked the thread down approximately 1/8 inch or less from the eyelet side of the fob, it's time to begin.
white on White eyelet with scalloped-edge and peek-a-boo under ruffle.
For the perfect going-out vibe, offset the bareness of your legs with a sweet linen or cotton eyelet top, a simple sandal and lots of great jewelry.
It features a positionable power cord eyelet and side vents to release heat.
The white cotton cover is trimmed in eyelet lace, tied with ribbons, and finished with a monogram that can be embroidered in any of several colors-perhaps to match the baby's nursery or his big blue eyes.
2) When the ring is full, use a pair of household needlenose pliers to bend the straight end of the hoop to a 90 angle--this will secure the beads in place as well as hook into the eyelet at the other end of the hoop.
Strength in the Mainstay anchor depended on eyelet orientation: weak at 90[degrees], but strongest of all tested at 90[degrees]/90[degrees].
Eyelet Toolmakers, Watertown, CT, a manufacturer of metal products for the cosmetics industry was one such company affected by the changes.