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Synonyms for eyeless

without the sense of sight

Synonyms for eyeless

lacking eyes or eyelike features


lacking sight

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I am looking for a device to present two epochs of a life simultaneously," writes Aldous Huxley in 1934 of his novel-in-progress Eyeless in Gaza (1936), "for when one considers life one is equally struck by both facts--that one has remained the same and become totally different" (2007, 292).
The works are sourced from preexisting images in Fischer's studio and from his mental approach to image production--from the myriad drawings, sketches, and photographs that he creates constantly: a wedge of cheese with a birthday candle, an eyeless portrait of a threatening man, a naked woman stretched out on a chaise lounge, menacing crows perched in a dark tree, a rat at the keys of a grand piano, a white swan.
Tenders are invited for 2 ea 24" x 78" pulley, 3/4" rim, 1 1/4" end disc, flat face with 1" chevron baked on lagging end plates to accommodate eyeless locking compression hubs for an 8" shaft locking element.
The script assumes that small children may be among the audience (at one point it pauses to explain the word 'prophetic'), but the monsters are scary -- eyeless trolls known as Hollows, with blades for arms and tentacles coming out of their mouths -- and the film includes bits where Burton seems to be indulging his old midnight-movie instincts: a fight to the mutilated death between stop-motion babies, or an evil cabal feasting on a dish piled high with children's eyeballs.
The expunged minerals build smokestacklike towers that host bizarre ecosystems of giant tube worms, eyeless shrimps and ghostly white crabs that thrive in the hot, nutrient-rich water (SN: 7/25/15, p.
In fact, the Philippine national basketball team displayed great heart, coupled with amazing talent, that helped puncture the eyeless needle, so to say.
Elasmobranchs with small-eyes or eyeless are very uncommon in nature and they have been reported in only two deep-sea genera worldwide: Benthobatis and Typhlonarke, both having degenerated eyes covered by skin (Gruber, 1977; Locket, 1977) or "almost non-existent" eyes (De Carvalho et al.
I imagine that, come Armageddon, episodes of it will still be playing somewhere on napalmscorched TV sets, watched through wide eyeless sockets by bleach-boned skeletons huddled on smouldering sofas.
The setlist included a fair number of songs from Slipknot's first two albums, including Eyeless, Disasterpiece, I Am Hated, (sic) and Everything Ends.
The jam-packed setlist included a fair number of songs from Slipknot's first two albums, including Eyeless, Disasterpiece, I Am hated, (sic) and Everything Ends.
Watch out for screaming hags, eyeless phantoms and other unearthly creatures.
malapad na bato along the Pasig, natural springs like the Santa Ana's Pozo de la Virgen, trees like balete, unusual articles like eyeless coconut, human-like tree branches).
Experiments were conducted with eyeless animals to test two questions: (1) Is the circadian clock in Melibe associated with the eyes or optic ganglion?
They include clips and tiny pens, plus a spooky white eyeless doll and a black plastic avenging angel.
His left hand took the cane, and with his snubbed Right thumb he gestured at the early sun: "What torch is yond, that vainly lends his light To grubs and eyeless skulls?