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Synonyms for eyeless

without the sense of sight

Synonyms for eyeless

lacking eyes or eyelike features


lacking sight

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This animal indeed has its own version of eyeless, the researchers reported in the March 18 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
It is altogether appropriate that when such a stone reappears in "Cold Colloquy," it should apply to the one who is recalcitrant there: "She hearkened, eyeless and sunk like the uncarved stone.
Bates would form the Nuneaton duo Eyeless in Gaza with Pete Becker.
Matthew had no formal voice training until last year when the Eyeless Trust charity recognised his singing potential and gave him a grant for voice tuition.
ARTISTIC: Eyeless in Gaza in concert (above and right) with Peter Becker on the left and Martyn Bates on the right, and (left) Paul King who replaced Martyn in the Reluctant Stereotypes; COVER STORY: Eyeless in Gaza's debut album (above) and one of theirr singles, Invisibility (below)
The Kaua'i wolf spider (Adelocosa anops) is a tiny, eyeless spider with an extremely low reproductive capacity.
Kodak Ghosts Run Amok, EP - Eyeless in Gaza pounds 25
Things were about to get a little better when Steve Dullaghan left the chart band The Primitives and Martyn Bates had done the same with Eyeless in Gaza, they joined forces with 20 Days and became The local superband Hungry i (though the three-piece would still play gigs as 20 Days).
Since it is assumed that the relatively small and eyeless cave-dwellers could not cross an entire ocean by actively swimming, there must be other reasons for their disjunct global distribution.
Two of the species, Rhadine exilis and Rhadine infernalis (no common name), are essentially eyeless ground beetles.
Photography is also represented by Alison Huntzinger's Red Fireplace and Leamington-based Ray Spence's Detritus, a dark study of leaf skeletons and eyeless doll faces.
Washington, Feb 7 (ANI): A new study has confirmed that the spiky body of an eyeless sea urchin acts as one big, spine-covered eye.
This unique group of eyeless Mexican scorpions may have started re-colonizing niches closer to the surface from the deep caves of Mexico after their surface-living ancestors were wiped out by the nearby Chicxuluxb impact along with non-avian dinosaurs, ammonites, and other species," he added.
At St Johns Church in Spon Street tomorrow night, Baby Dee will be supported by Eyeless In Gaza, the Coventry outfit from the late 70s/early 80s who still have a big following on the Continent.
One feels vaguely threatened by this eyeless grotesquerie, as if menaced by a bad Oedipal hallucination.