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Synonyms for eyelash

any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids


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I've tried all the usual stuff, heated eyelash curlers, various curling mascaras with good results, however very quickly my lashes return to their original state and it all seems such a waste of time.
Damien Salter is a licensed cosmetologist, and has been providing makeup and eyelash enhancement services since 2004.
Launch of Omni Bio Solutions' Newest Serum, Eyelash And Brow Vital Growth Serum, selected for Walmart contest
AHK Copper Peptide technology provides a precise delivery of copper to the base of the eyelash follicles where it can stimulate cells responsible for production of substances such as collagens and various proteins
Eyelash tinting is designed to give the eyes definition and allow clients to go without wearing mascara, yet still provide deep color to their lashes.
Eyelash extensions have been a celeb favourite for a while, with fans such as Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole.
3--5) Clockwise from left, Coleman is fussed over before her ``Leeza'' appearance, a Swiss Army knife comes in handy for an impromptu eyelash trim, and a Fashion Square shopping trip yields a suitable red lipstick.
Until recently eyelashes have not studied that closely as there didn't seem to be much that could be done with them other than putting on mascara, but the idea of promoting eyelash growth has now produced a great deal of interest in his area.
NovaLash EyeLash Extensions, Houston, TX, has moved its headquarters, offering the company more space and the opportunity to expand its Lash Lab, a training and continuing education center for Lash stylists and distributors.
While more and more people are catching on to this latest trend, many consumers may not be aware of the risks that eyelash extensions can pose not only to your eyelashes but also to your eyes.
The dismissal is based on Jan Marini acknowledging the validity of Allergan's relevant patents covering the use of certain drug substances, such as prostaglandin analogs, to promote eyelash enhancement and also agreeing to cease its distribution of eyelash products containing these ingredients in the United States and other countries worldwide where Allergan owns related patents.
Eyelash perming is great for women who don't want enhancements applied.
New York, Apr 3 (ANI): False eyelashes certainly don't make a beautiful sight for Brook Shields, as the actress once had an eyelash faux pas and hasn't used them since.
The cosmetics maker cultured cells found at the root of the eyelash in the presence of steviosides, which are the compounds that give stevia its sweet taste.