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Synonyms for eyelash

any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids


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Tracey is a dab hand at applying eyelash extensions and has seen her client list grow as more people discover the trend.
Trow points out that the most popular eyelash-enhancement items sell for about $100 more than RapidLash, which carries a suggested retail price at a small fraction of the others and is equal to or better than the others in terms of enhancing eyelash and brow appearances, volume, moisture, shine and thickness.
To schedule a Latisse[TM] consultation or for more information on this innovative new eyelash treatment, contact the ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center at (858) 452-3937.
NATURAL LOOK: Rebecca Tate wanted got eyelash extensions, right, before and after the treatment Picture: JASON ROBERTS
AHK Copper Peptide technology provides a precise delivery of copper to the base of the eyelash follicles where it can stimulate cells responsible for production of substances such as collagens and various proteins
Eyelash perming is great for women who don't want enhancements applied.
Until recently eyelashes have not studied that closely as there didn't seem to be much that could be done with them other than putting on mascara, but the idea of promoting eyelash growth has now produced a great deal of interest in his area.
NovaLash EyeLash Extensions, Houston, TX, has moved its headquarters, offering the company more space and the opportunity to expand its Lash Lab, a training and continuing education center for Lash stylists and distributors.
has expanded its offering of Revlon brand artificial nail and false eyelash products while updating the brand's packaging.
5/10 Space NK Eyelash Curler -pounds 15 The most expensive but also the most sturdy,it comes with a rubber pad on the underside so it doesn't feel uncomfortable on eyelids.
The work has become a fun tradition at this North Austin beauty school, along with an attractive promotion that brings in many women, and some men: Halloween makeup application for just $10 and/or eyelash application for just $10.
A stye is a painful, red swelling, caused by a bacterial infection of the eyelash roots, usually on the outside of your eyelid.
New York, Apr 3 (ANI): False eyelashes certainly don't make a beautiful sight for Brook Shields, as the actress once had an eyelash faux pas and hasn't used them since.
The cosmetics maker cultured cells found at the root of the eyelash in the presence of steviosides, which are the compounds that give stevia its sweet taste.