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Synonyms for eyelash

any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids


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Eyelash perming is the way to go if you want to say goodbye to your tried-and-tested eyelash curler.
Those with the drive and energy have gone on to have successful, thriving eyelash extension companies.
Experts believe that people should be made aware of the dangers of false eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
When applied properly, neither the extension eyelash nor the glue should touch the eyelid.
Let's now take a look at how a recently developed peptide significantly enhances eyelash growth.
The reality star and glamour model has suffered from the condition, called trichotillomania, since she was eight She has told in the past how she started pulling out her eyelashes after someone told her to make a wish on a stray eyelash.
RATING: 4/5 | Shu Uemura 24k Gold Eyelash Curler, PS20 (www.
Founded in 2004 by biologist and cosmetic chemist Sophy Merszei, Nova Lash continues to be the leader in the field of eyelash extensions and is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions, said a statement from Madi.
Madi International, Salon and Beauty Center Supplies A[degrees] one of the Middle East's leading distributors of internationally reputed professional beauty brands, has introduced the revolutionary Nova Lash A[degrees] the awardA[degrees]winning professional eyelash extension system to cater to the region's demand.
We received thousands of letters from different parts of the world inquiring about product with special eyebrow applicator, because, although Fysiko Eyelash Growth serum could be very successfully applied to eyebrows, special application brush is needed and demanded by market.
Tokyo, Nov 2 ( ANI ): Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty procedure among women across all ages, and salons with therapists specializing in the treatment are surging, it has been revealed.
distributor of Baci Lingerie with the rollout of the Baci Lingerie Eyelash Collection.
The first ever eyelash transplant allowing women and men to regain their eye lashes through a micro-surgical transplant has been conducted in the UK.
No ICC or Security Council or any other party will change our path or touch an eyelash in our eye," al-Bashir shouted.
Cosmetic companies took notice, and soon there were a slew of products -- Jan Marini's "Marini Lash" Eyelash Conditioner, MD Lash Factor and Athena's Revitalash, to name a few -- claiming to plump and lengthen the eyelashes.