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Synonyms for eyehole

a hole (in a door or an oven etc) through which you can peep

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a small hole (usually round and finished around the edges) in cloth or leather for the passage of a cord or hook or bar

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The inside diameter is drilled to be the same size as the eyehole.
Inverness Sheriff Court was told that he had a knife, a hood with eyeholes, rubber gloves, electrical tape and condoms with him on the night.
He walked into the shop with a pair of underpants over his head - but he could see through two eyeholes.
TWO raiders were filmed stumbling around and bumping into each other after forgetting to cut eyeholes in their masks.
At first staff at a fast food takeaway thought Paul Gorman was a tipsy prankster as a he pulled on a woollen balaclava with eyeholes cut out.
But Adam kindly made eyeholes in the headgear so the model would avoid crashing off the catwalk.
Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of BBC TV's Top Gear, once said Lada should supply a "paper bag with eyeholes so no one would spot you driving it.
A bedroom sheet with eyeholes was an instant ghost get-up, or we raided the first-aid kit for bandages to return as the Mummy.
Charlie has witnessed this " there are tiny eyeholes in the chocolate " but they never realised the chocolate boy was alive.
We came out of it wondering if our president was cutting eyeholes out of his bedsheets.
Their purpose: to serve as stable housing for the phone and provide two eyeholes outfitted with small lenses.
A Klansman stands before a pickup truck in a robe and wrinkled hood with misshapen eyeholes.
Cut out eyeholes in a cardboard tube and fasten a glow stick inside to make a creepy pair of peepers, or cut bats out of pieces of black card and stick them on the inside of lampshades.
If your children wear masks, make sure eyeholes are large enough to allow unobstructed views.