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Synonyms for eyehole

a hole (in a door or an oven etc) through which you can peep

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a small hole (usually round and finished around the edges) in cloth or leather for the passage of a cord or hook or bar

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Through the carrot's dark mesh eyehole, I saw myself in the faces of the bewildered children.
The eyehole is what we look through in order to make sense of our world.
Screw through the eyehole in the wedge into the frame to secure it.
Jean-Boy pauses in front of the door skeptically, squinting through the eyehole until his heart is a calm thud.
Once the frames were constructed, the students completed the glasses by pasting a red square of cellophane over the left eyehole and a blue square over the right.
The length and breadth of the skull, the low forehead and broad cheeks, were a perfect match: eyehole for eyehole, grin for grin.
A fixed post with an eyehole for the observer and a carefully cut wooden notch on the barrow ridge would have been needed to pinpoint the star position with any accuracy.
The cell doors were all-metal, each with its eyehole and swivelling cap.
He was wearing a black balaclava that covered his head and face, with two eyeholes cut out with white stitching around them.
When they searched him, Ross had a hood made from a T-shirt with cut- out eyeholes, gloves, bandages, binoculars, a roll of electrical insulation tape and two condoms.
Wearing a pillowcase with eyeholes cut out, and at one stage brandishing an iron bar, he allegedly damaged property and was in front of a pile of papers before they suddenly started burning.
Children were shown how to use their thumbs to create eyeholes and an open mouth (optional).
Profiles read like personal ads with personality: ``I can look like Keanu Reeves if you take his People magazine cover, cut out eyeholes and strap it to my head,'' a Chicago man wrote.
the t In the meantime, this lusty 10-part series starring the very decorative Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrives just in time for Halloween, but delivers the same fright value as a small child wearing a bedsheet with eyeholes.
26, 2008, armed with a kitchen knife and with his face covered by a sweatshirt hood into which two eyeholes had been cut.