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optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

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VisionSpring's proposed strategy of training community health workers to dispense eyeglasses in villages with the use of near vision charts won top prize for its "creativity, ingenuity, relevance, feasibility and potential for impact.
The State of Vermont, Agency of Human Services, Department of Vermont Health Access, (hereinafter called DVHA) is seeking to establish a single-source contract for Eyeglasses, Lenses, Frames, Cases and Associated Parts for Repairs and Replacements for eligible beneficiaries of the Vermont Medicaid program.
These discount eyeglasses are available for both men and women and there is a wide variety to choose from.
I told the social services director that I needed new eyeglasses and was not pleased with the visiting optometrist's services.
ISLAMABAD, March 21, 2010 (Balochistan Times): With the increasing demand for eyeglasses as long hot season of Summer approaches, more varieties are entering the market with designer eyeglasses that are available in varied shapes, colours and sizes.
Although acetate is commonly used for the plastic parts of eyeglasses, contact with cosmetics or hair-styling products can result in bleaching.
Features include the contrast of the OLED display, the lightweight of the eyeglasses and personalized setting of the wearer's eyeglass prescription.
More than three decades ago Vincent Ilardi, a diplomatic historian, discovered correspondence of the 1460s in which the Sforza court in Milan ordered eyeglasses in Florence.
When attached, your staff can identify the owner of the eyeglasses by a unique code printed on the sleeve.
She'll use the funds for orthotic equipment, such as wrist braces and eyeglasses.
Some people have the impression that wearing eyeglasses can make you look smarter.
A new type of eyeglasses with electrically adjustable focus might someday render bifocals and reading glasses obsolete, the device's inventors say.
Consumer Guide to Happier Vision is a handy guide to options for maintaining and improving one's vision, covering everything from eyeglasses to sports sunwear to contacts, refractive surgery, and tools for the partially sighted in cases where vision cannot be corrected.
Soon you may be able to say goodbye to the mist that covers eyeglasses when it's warm and steamy.
Anna Rose can't imagine what she'd do without her eyeglasses.