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Synonyms for eyedrop

a drop from an eye dropper


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a method of irrigating the eye used by ophthalmologists

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Turner said that EyeDrop would be useful to transfer an interactive map or contact information from a public display to a smartphone or for sharing photos.
The groups where the patients placed two dose of UF-021 (Ocuseva (TM)) eyedrops for 24 weeks respectively were compared with the placebo eyedrops (eyedrops without any pharmacological agent) group.
Users clip the eyedrop bottle onto the device and squeeze to administer drops.
Toxic surfactants like benzalkonium chloride (BAK), harmful to the eye surface, are often used in eyedrops to solubilize drugs not soluble in water.
Dr Andy Goldberg, founder of the annual awards, said: "It won because the judges believe that it will make a huge difference to patients who have difficulty administering their eyedrops.
Eyedrops containing N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) reduce glare sensitivity and improve eyesight in people with cataracts, according to published studies.
OT-551 is an anti-oxidant eyedrop developed specifically to prevent the development and progression of cataracts.
The company said it has no plans at the moment to recall its eyedrop products because their packaging is strictly designed to prevent tampering.
Upon application of an AzaSite eyedrop to the infected eyes, the bacterial count was reduced by over three orders of magnitude.
We used eyedrop tubes to give him milk from his mum Ellie because his tiny mouth couldn't suckle.
is to recall two eyedrop products after receiving a blackmail letter Friday together with samples containing an alien substance, company officials said.
is recalling three eyedrop products after receiving an anonymous letter Friday together with a sample of one of the products containing an alien substance, company officials said.
Joseph, Othera's Chairman and CEO, "This capital will allow us to file an Investigational New Drug application this Fall for our lead drug, OT-551, an eyedrop formulation that is being developed to prevent or delay cataract formation.
Takakazu Morita, president of the leading Japanese eyedrop maker, told a press conference the company resumed the production of eyedrops the same day.
This represents Akorn's second FDA approval for a generic antibiotic eyedrop at that facility.